4960026Welcome to the Office of Special Education

For services, contact the Director of Special Education:

Ms. Bev Nichols

Director of Special Education

Clay County Schools

PO Box 120

285 Church Street

Clay, WV  25043



Services Provided
Clay County Schools provides educational services in the following areas:

Behavior Disorders
Partially Sighted
Mentally Impaired
Orthopedically Impaired
Other Heath Impaired
Preschool Special Needs
Specific Learning Disabilities
Speech/Language Impairments
Traumatic Brain Injury

Clay County Schools also provide related services in the following areas:
Assistive Technology
Speech/Language Pathology
Psychological Services
Physical/Occupational Therapy
Counseling Services
School Health Services
Parent Counseling and Training

Clay County Schools collaborate with:
Primary Care
WV Birth to Three
Parents As Teachers
Head Start
And other agencies

  A Message To Parents

    Parents, family members, and school personnel are critical partners in the education of children.  This website is designed to provide parents information in order for them to play an important role in making decisions about their child’s academic success.  Research has proven that family involvement results in higher student achievement.

   Student Assistance Team

           SAT Process 

    If you feel your child is experiencing academic difficulties, boredom, social issues, behavior problems, or other concerns; you should contact the child’s teacher for a conference.  During this conference, ideas and strategies  to help your child will be discussed.  Your child may be referred to the SAT Team where interventions to target the specific behavior will be developed for use at school and at home.
    During the intervention period, observations and information will be collected to review the success of these interventions during follow-up conferences.  Support services such as after-school programs, remedial reading or math classes, counseling, psychological support, or other community services may also be used. 
    If the team decides that further information is needed, a referral for a multidisciplinary evaluation may be necessary. 
Specific tests, observations and other activities will be used to collect information which will help in determining whether your child needs special education services. 
    You and other members of the Eligibility Committee will meet to review all the information.  If your child is not eligible for special education services, more intervention and strategies will be discussed for future use.  If your child is eligible for special education services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be written.  The IEP is designed to provide specific education services for your child’s area of exceptionality. 

National and State Organizations of Special Interest to Parents

The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps (TASH)


    An organization of parents, educators, and other professionals, which provides information, support, and coordinates a parent-to-parent network of communication for individuals with severe disabilities

Learning Disabilities Association of America


    National organization with chapters in every state; provides information on advocacy, publications, and new developments related to children with learning disabilities.

Association for the Gifted


    Organization of parents, educators, and other professionals who advocate for gifted children and provide informational services.

Autism Society of America


    National organization with information on the education and welfare of children and adults with severe needs in communication and behavior.