One of the renowned tech-giant in today's time is Microsoft. Microsoft Office is available in different versions such as Office 2019, Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. It is one of the best software suite for any PC. You might have already used one or all of these tools offered by Microsoft at your home or office. These tools can help you complete various tasks and projects and significant smallest on your computer. If you do not have MS Office on your PC, get the Office setup from .

Steps to download the Microsoft Office setup on Mac and Windows

Setup steps to install Microsoft Office on Mac and Windows

It is necessary to have the Office package for using subscription or downloading the Office setup. If you do not have the same, you can quickly get the same from the official or third-party website or through the nearest retail store. Go through these steps to download the Office setup on Mac and Windows;

  1. visit and get the desired productive suit from there.

  2. You will have to choose the ideal Office version from the available options, which are most likely to be 2019, 365, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

  3. Select the package and add it to the cart.

  4. Once you have added, make the payment of the same.

  5. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you need to create one.

  6. For students, there is an exemption. They can even log in with their ID card.

  7. Now, click on the "Options" button from the homepage.

  8. You will now see the listed Office products on your screen.

  9. Office find the desired product that you want through the Control + F command or scroll till the bottom of the screen to find the one that you want.

  10. Read the given description of the product and check whether your computer has the same specifications as asked in the product or not.

  11. If it is compatible, hit the Install button present on the screen.

  12. Your Office setup will soon start downloading.

In this way, your desired product will be successfully downloaded your PC and you can move for the installation process.

he process to install the downloaded Office setup is not the same for Mac and Windows PCs. You will have to install the setup in a different way on both the devices. Here are the installation steps for both Windows and Mac;

Office setup installation for Windows

  1. Visit the folder where you downloaded the Office setup.

  2. Usually, the downloaded files are found in the 'download' folder.

  3. Once you see the setup file through anyway, double-click on it.

  4. Select the Yes option available on the next screen.

  5. Your Office setup will be successfully installed in a while.

  6. Hit the Finish button at last when it prompts on the screen to complete the installation process.

Office setup installation for Windows

  1. Use the finder to locate the downloaded file on your Mac.

  2. Once you find the downloaded file, double-click on the next and then choose the same option.

  3. Read the terms and conditions given on your screen and hit the "1 agree" button when you are done satisfied with what you read.

  4. You will see the Continue button on the screen now. Click on it.

  5. Then, click on the Install button, and you will be asked to enter your Mac's security password.

  6. Install software provides the same and then hit the button at last.

  7. The installation process will begin, and once you hit the Finish button, the Microsoft Office product that you wished will be successfully installed on your Mac.

Go to for office setup.

Open your browser and visit or Visiting or will open up the Official Microsoft Office setup website with a lot of options related to Office setup.

Sign in with an existing Microsoft account or create a new one.

Then, on the website, Sign In to your existing Microsoft Account. If you have purchased Office from a local store and you do not have an account, click on Create a New Account.

Enter Office Product key.

Furthermore, You will now need a product key that you have got in your email or is printed on the product box. This is a 25 Digit Alphanumeric in XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX format. Do not use hyphens or space in between. You might also need to select your Country/Region and Language. Click Next.

Select Install to download office setup.

Once your Product key is activated and your details are verified, you will be forwarded to your Office home page, Under your product details, on the right side of the page, click on the orange Install button. Select the version and the Office setup will start downloading.

Run Downloaded Office setup.

Depending on the browser, once the download starts, click on Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox), the installation will start, a Prompt will appear asking “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” select Yes. The Installation will begin.

Finish Installation and Open Office.

Run the office installation wizard, Follow on-screen instructions (for custom install), users who have express install won’t need to select or choose any option the Installation will start automatically. Wait for the installation to finish. After the installation has finished, you will get a message saying “You’re all set! Office is installed now.” This means your Office installation is done and finished. Click Close. You can go to the Start menu and Open and Run any Office application.

Activate Office Setup From

Download and Installation Office Setup

First of all sign into your office account at Now redeem your product key. If you don’t have an account yet then create a new one and use the same Microsoft login credential to sign to your my office account.‍

2. Once you have successfully completed the step one. then Select Install of your product, select Install again. By default, this installs the 32-bit version of Office on your PC using the language you selected when you redeemed the product. But If you want to install the 64-bit version, change your language.

3.Once you will click on install internet explorer will show you a popup with the option “Run”. And in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, you will get the option to save the file. As soon as the file downloaded you need to open it manually and run the installation.

4. Also, you will be informed when installation is done like, “You’re all set! The office is installed now” and then the animated video will show you how to find office applications on your computer. Follow the instructions in the window, for example, Click Start > All Apps to see where your apps are, and select Close.

Visit the main website developed for the Office 365 Installation purpose. (use any browser).‍

2. Once you have visited the website,You can log in to the Microsoft account that you have created while purchasing.‍

3. You Will have to make a new Microsoft Account if you don’t have one. Once Logged in. You can proceed.

4.You might have to place your Product key if you have bought office from local store or offline Source.

5. Once you have been through “FOUR” Step, You will be guided to your Office Download page.‍

6.You have downloaded Office, You just need to Run the Office Setup on your Computer to use it Now .

For more info: FAQ

What is a Product Key?

A product key is a 25 digit character code that you will receive after purchasing your subscription from The product key will allow you to install and activate your Office product.

Where do I find my Office Setup product key?

Office setup product key can be found in different locations depending upon how you have purchased your subscription:

  • If you have purchased Office from an offline store with a disc pack, your product key should be located inside the box on a label located opposite the disc holder on the left side of the DVD case.

  • If the product key is not inside of the package, look for the instructions on the package.

  • If you have downloaded and purchased Office Setup online, you will receive your product key on the confirmation page or you will receive it on an email that you have provided at the time of registration.

Where do I download the file to?

We advocate that you simply transfer the file to your Desktop, therefore it’s straightforward to seek out to initiate the installation. you’ll be able to transfer the file anyplace you prefer, simply confirm that you simply bear in mind the placement wherever you saved it, and therefore the name of the file. don’t rename the file that you simply square measure downloading; it’s going to cause installation issues.

Steps to Download and Install MS Office on Mac & Windows

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the web browser.

  • Insert in the browser.

  • When directed to the website, you will get two options, i.e. Sign-up and Sign-in.

  • If you have an existing account, then Sign-in with your email id and password.

  • If you are a new user, then enter the essential information to Sign-in.

  • After successful login, you will be directed to the MS Office homepage.

  • Choose the MS Office application that you are willing to download.

  • Make sure that your device is capable of meeting all the needed specifications.

  • Now, you need to click on the Download option and wait till it gets completed.

  • To install the MS Office application, search for the downloaded folder of MS Office application in your device.

  • Double click on the download folder to open and then click on the Install icon.

  • Please read the license agreement and click on I Agree.

  • Click on Install and let the process complete.

Steps to Activate MS Office on Windows and Mac

  • Open the updated and desired web browser.

  • Enter in the search bar.

  • Login to your Office account.

  • Go to account details and retrieve your Office product key.

  • Now, on the desktop, open any Office App.

  • Click the Activate button displayed on the screen.

  • Now you will have to enter the 25 characters unique code sent to your registered Email ID.

  • Make sure that you follow all the steps displayed on your screen.

Steps to Run MS Office Apps on Android

  • Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Locate the Play Store in your phone

  • In the Search Box type MS Office.

  • Now select the desired application.

  • Click on the Install icon.

  • Now, wait for the installation to complete.

How to Activate MS Office Related Subscription

  • Once the installation process completes, it's time to activate the subscription of the installed program. In case, you wish to activate the subscription on your device; then it is recommended to pursue these steps:

  1. Firstly, navigate to the Start menu.

  2. Then, you have to enter "MS Office Word" in the search bar, followed by the Enter key.

  3. Wait for a little for the program to expand on your device.

  4. Then, accept the terms and conditions section to finish the subscription process. After some time, the program will be activated successfully in an automatic manner.

Note: If you want to know whether the subscription is activated successfully on your device, then you should navigate to for the same.

How to Install MS Office Application for Tablets and Smartphones

Smartphone and tablet users are directed to install Office programs on their device by navigating the App Store. Follow these instructions to install MS Office on tablets and Mobile phones:

  1. First of all, navigate to Google Play Store and then hit the search bar.

  2. Now enter MS Office.

  3. You can open any of the Office applications, be it PowerPoint or Word.

  4. Then, hit the Install tab located on your screen.

  5. After that, wait for a while for the installation process to complete.

  6. Next, you have to browse the Office program you have installed.

  7. Now, provide your confirmation to the terms and conditions of MS Office.

  8. After that, the Office app will install on your device.

  9. Then, log in to your Office account to activate MS Office.

How to Download MS Office Setup

If you wish to download Office setup on your device, then you should abide by these instructions:

  1. First and foremost, expand any of your desired browsers and then visit to expand downloading options.

  2. Then, log into your respective Office account. If you are new to MS Office, then it is recommended to create a fresh account by hitting the option of Sign up.

  3. Once you get signed in to your account, then hit the option Install located on the home page of MS Office.

  4. Next, select the Office Product that you desire to install on your PC. Also, you have to choose the program option between 32 and 64 bits.

  5. The download process will automatically start once you select the download option.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is that the most generally used programs of Microsoft Office suite, MS Word may be a word processing system developed by Microsoft.

An introduction to MS Word, its features, and its uses, have all been discussed in detail, during this article.

Since MS Word is one among the foremost used programs of the Office Suite, some basic information regarding its creation and development has been given below:

  • Charles Simonyi, a developer, and Richard Brodie, a programmer, where the 2 creators of MS Word

  • This program was initially named “Multi-Tool Word” but later, was renamed, MS Word

  • It was introduced in 1983

  • The word for Windows is out there standalone or as a neighborhood of MS Office suite

  • MS Word for Mac was introduced as Word 1.0 in 1985

  • The extension for any word file is “.doc”

What is MS Word?

Used to make professional-quality documents, letters, reports, etc., MS Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. It has advanced features that allow you to format and edit your files and documents in the best possible way.

How to create an MS Word document?

  • To create an MS Word doc, follow the steps mentioned above to open Microsoft Word. Then once the program is open, click on “File” followed by “New”. This opens a new doc where something new can be created.

  • Since it is used by people of all age groups, in schools, in colleges and for official purposes, having proper knowledge of Microsoft Word is a must.

Microsoft Azure products and services

  • Compute: These Services allow an individual to set up and manage VMs, containers, and batch tasks, in addition, to supporting remote program access. Compute resources generated inside the Azure cloud may be configured using public IP addresses or private IP addresses, based on whether the source has to be available to the external world.

Mobile: These Products help programmers build cloud software for mobile devices, providing notification solutions, support for backend jobs, tools for construction software programming interfaces (APIs), and also the capacity to couple geospatial circumstances with information.

Storage: This Class of services provides scalable cloud storage for both unstructured and structured information.

Analytics: These Services provide spread storage and analytics, in addition to attributes for real-time analytics, large data analytics, information lakes, and machine learning (ML), business intelligence (BI), net of items (IoT) data flows, and data warehousing.

Networking: This Group comprises virtual And network security against dispersed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

What is Microsoft Azure?

It supplies a number of cloud solutions, such as calculate, data storage, and media. Users may select and choose between those services to create new programs or run current applications within the general cloud.

The azure platform intends to aid businesses to handle challenges and fulfill the organizational objectives. It gives tools that support all businesses — such as e-commerce, fund, and a spread of Fortune 500 firms — and can be used with open-minded technologies.

This gives customers the freedom to utilize their favorite tools and technology. Furthermore, Azure provides 4 distinct sorts of cloud computing systems: infrastructure for support (IaaS), a platform for support (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and serverless.

Microsoft prices for Azure on a foundation, meaning readers get a bill monthly which just charges them to receive the exact resources they want to be used.

How does Microsoft Azure work?

After Clients subscribe to Azure, they’ve got access to each of the services contained in the Azure portal site. In addition to the services which Microsoft offers throughout the Azure portal site, quite a few third-party sellers also make applications directly accessible through Azure.

Click here to start your free trial.

The fee billed for third party software varies widely but might entail paying a subscription fee to your program, and a use fee for your infrastructure utilized to sponsor the program. Microsoft provides five distinct client Support choices for Azure:

  • Standard

  • Developer·

  • Conventional·

  • Professional Immediate

  • Premier

  • Conventional

  • Professional Immediate·

  • Premier

These client care programs differ in terms of scope and cost. Microsoft charges a commission for other support offerings. Developer support Prices $29 a month, while Typical support costs $100 a month and Professional Immediate support is $1000 a month.

What does Microsoft Office 365 mean?

Microsoft Office 365 may be a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that has Microsoft Office and other services, like email and collaboration, from Microsoft’s cloud server. Microsoft Office 365 provides desktop functionalities and is out there by subscription.

Microsoft Office 365 gives a complete arrangement of programming instruments and administrations that encourage office documentation, correspondence, and the board undertakings. No upfront installation or integration is required, aside from an online connection and supported browser.

The Microsoft Office 365 set-up of uses incorporates a few distinctive online administrations, including Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and a lighter rendition of Office Suite, introduced as Web Apps.