The Office is a household of a comprehensive and versatile range of tools which helps you to be more creative and achieve all the goals easily. Using these applications, you can simplify your work and boost your productivity by enabling you to get its greatest capabilities. For appreciating its best-in-class program, you need to experience the process.

Minimum System Requirements

Before you begin with the  process, you first have to produce your system is compatible with the program. This helps you to enjoy the error-free setup. To be able to make your system harmonious, fulfill all the given requirements.

Operating System
  • Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Service Pack

    Mac: Only the recent three variations of macOS will be encouraged by Office. In these 3 versions, an individual are the newer version and another two will be both immediate previous versions.

    • Processor

  • Windows: 1.6 GHz or faster, 2-core

    Mac: Intel chip

    • Memory

    • Windows: 4GB RAM; 2 GB RAM (32-bit)

    • Mac: 4 GB RAM

    • Hard disk

    • Windows: 4.0 GB

      Mac: 10 GB

    • Download-

    • For Office setup, the first step is to buy the Office subscription. It's possible to make the order by visiting the official site of the Office. From the official site, choose the product that fulfills all of your requirements. After the conclusion of the purchase, you have to download its setup file. You may download the setup file by following the specified procedure.

  1. Establish a web browser on your computing system.

  2. Then, access the Office Login window by simply entering the"" from the address bar. 

  3. After that, sign in to your account and supply the email address and password linked with your account. But if you are a new person, then click"Create one" and input the profile details. 

  4. When you get to your own Office account, you will get your purchased product mentioned there.

  5. By doing so, the download process will begin. This might require a few minutes for the completion of this procedure. Thus, you need to wait until the process becomes completed.

  6. During the downloading procedure, a popup box may show up on your screen asking you to select the desired location to save the downloaded setup file.

  7. Change the place by tapping on the"Browse" button. In case, you will not get the popup box, then, your file will automatically get stored in the Downloads folder.

How to Install

After the completion of the download process, you need to install the application on your device. The setup procedure will vary with your operating system, thus stick to the specified process as per your OS.


    1. First of all, get into the folder which you've chosen for rescuing the downloaded setup file. However, if you haven't changed, then start the Downloads folder. 

    2. After that, start looking for the downloaded setup file of Office. Then, double click to proceed using the process. 

    3. Further, you may find a Security Warning pop-up on your display. This asks you to allow the Office application to run on your own apparatus. 

    4. Meanwhile, the User Account Control pop-up box may also appear on your screen. Click on the"Yes" button to allow the program to produce the essential changes to your own system. 

    5. By doing so, the file starts installing from your system. This is a time consuming process, hence wait for its completion.

    6. Once the process gets finished, you have come out of the setup wizard by clicking the"Close" tab.


      1. Subsequently, double-click the downloaded setup file.

      2. Now, the setup wizard will appear on your screen. From the welcome window, you have to click the"Continue" button.

      3. After that, you will see the License Agreement window. You are required to read the document carefully before you move further. 

      4. Once you're done with reading the record, you need to click on"Continue".

      5. Next, alter the positioning of your file. After that, pick the desired location. 

      6. Then, tap the"Install" button to proceed further with all the procedure.

      7. After entering the credentials, tap the"Install Software" alternative. 

      8. This will start the setup process. 

      9. At this time you have to wait till the procedure gets finished.

      10. After the successful completion of the process, click the"Close" tab and then come from the setup wizard. Activation

      As soon as you are done with download and setup, the previous step is to trigger the Office Subscription. Activating your product will help you to get all of the premium features your product is offering. In order to activate your subscription, you are required to get the product key code. This code is a 25 digit alphanumeric code that works as an identification of your product. You'll find this code only after purchasing the Office subscription.


      Locate the activation code in these places.


      • Confirmation Email 

      In case you've purchased your Office subscription from the official site, then you are going to find the product key code in the confirmation mail. The Office will send you the email in your registered email address, only after the conclusion of the purchase procedure.

      • Purchased Product Box
      • Your keycode is going to be on the product key card that is available from the bought product box. This is possible only if you've purchased the product by a third party.

      • Order History 
      • In case you wont find the keycode anywhere, then it is possible to look in your purchase history. For this, you have to sign in to your Office account and then open the order history page. There, click on the"Install Office" tab and consequently, you'll receive your product key code .


        Once you get the product key code, then you can proceed to the activation procedure.

      1. To start with, open any one the Office application which you've downloaded. You are able to get either Ms-Word, Ms-Powerpoint, Ms-Excel, etc..

      2. Further, you are expected to sign in to your Office account.

      3. After that, the License Agreement window will appear. Read the entire document carefully. After reading, you have to accept the terms and conditions cited in this by clicking the"Accept" tab.

      4. Thereafter, the activation wizard will show on your screen. 

      5. In this wizard, pick any one of those activation methods from"Activate within the net" and"Activate by phone".

      6. On the other hand, the Office recommends you to select"Activate within the net" option. Selecting this will display a screen to enter the product key code. Gently enter the keycode and stick to the on-screen instructions so as to complete the activation procedure.

      7. In the event you're picking the"Activate by telephone", then follow the onscreen instructions else contact the Client Care for the service.

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