We keep two pair of binoculars on the dining room sill, ready for whatever surprise nature presents.  We also keep handy a couple of birding guides to help us identify species new to us.  Wildlife is, like the weather, a common topic of conversation among the neighbours. "Did you see that bald eagle flying over the Bay yesterday?!"

We put a hummingbird feeder up and enjoy watching them from the dining room window, keeping a log each year as to when they first arrive and when they depart. It's become part of our nature observing ritual. Les said once he could hear the hummingbird's wings beating through our triple pane windows. Gwen found that strange as often he can't hear when she's speaking to him in the same room! 

Another of our nature observing rituals is to tiptoe down to the shore to avoid startling, perhaps the lone blue heron, the kingfishers, or perhaps an itinerant pair of loons.  If you sit still for a few minutes, a variety of birds will come to visit you.

Most of the pictures you see at the right are the smaller visitors, but we like to brag about the big ones that got away. When the 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' slinks across the front yard, or the furtive coyote retreats along the driveway, there is no opportunity for a photo op. 

We get the impression that these creatures have a much longer tenure here than we do. Although we may think we are owners, in the greater scheme of things, we are only among the more recent tenants.


We had a 'bird's eye view' from the bathroom window of a robin building this gorgeous nest.

"The buck stops here!"


Alex was quick enough to capture this pair of cardinals in front of our living room window.  

Turkey triptych - our breakfast was interrupted by a pre-Thanksgiving visit.

PEC is on the migration route for Monarch butterflies.  This one savours a butterfly bush outside our bedroom window.