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The Off Family Ranch sells all natural, 100% grass fed, hormone/antibiotic free beef variety packs and ground beef in Southern and Southwestern Colorado-Del Norte, Alamosa, Durango, Pagosa, Cortez, Dolores and surrounding areas. 

We are located 3 miles east of Del Norte and 2 hours east of Durango, Colorado. Our ranch, also referred to as Off Island Ranch, is uniquely situated on an island formed by a split in the Rio Grande.  The home place lies between the north and south branches of this important river, hence our name.  Like a framed picture, the Off Ranch is in the heart of the San Luis Valley surrounded by the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  At 8000 feet elevation, we have clean air, good water, and beautiful grassy meadows. All which make a wonderful setting for both cows and humans.  

 Raising Solar Powered, Happy Cows Since 1874!! That's 142 years!!

Our Gelbvieh cows and calves are summered in the beautiful mountains of southern  Colorado and wintered on the home place in the San Luis Valley. Rotating pastures assure flourishing grasses for both hay cutting and healthy soils.  Our naturally raised cattle are not given growth enhancers or antibiotics and are 100% grass fed. They have never been in a feed lot, only on meadows and fields, drinking mountain water and breathing clean Colorado  air. We look forward to providing you with a delicious and nutritious product that is both good for you and respectful to the earth.

 Animal Welfare Certifications 

The Off Family ranch is audited annually by IMI Global, a third party livestock well being and natural verification company.
Off Family Ranch certifications include:
For more information, visit the IMI Global website at www.imiglobal.com

 Our Experience Shows!

Our 4th generation ranch has been in the family for over 140 years. We have received the designation of being a Colorado Centennial Farm, an honor given by the State Historical Society to farms and ranches owned and operated by the same family for 100 years or more.   We are proud to be one of the few remaining small family ranches of Colorado and are protective of the land in order to preserve it for future generations. 

The summer  of 2016 we were featured in the weekly documentary Perinneal Plate...Adventures in Sustainable Eating.   Check it out! https://www.theperennialplate.com/episodes/2016/06/episode-150-for-land-and-for-animals/  or the see the blog https://www.theperennialplate.com/blog/hunter/2016/07/good-people/

We are proud to be featured in the the Tri-State Livestock news, please visit this link to read about our ranch. http://www.tsln.com/agliving/farmingandranching/3648624-111/ranch-family-david-beef

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