List of Poems

Shraddhanjali:  An Offering of Reverence



List of Poems 

Reader's Thoughts


1    Offering of Reverence  

2    Do not search for Me  

3    My destiny is in Your hands  

4    You are the storehouse of compassion  

5    Boatman 

6    Only if You bestow mercy upon me, Lord  

7    What of Yours would be disturbed?  

8    May I utter Your name with every breath

9    Silent anguish  

10    How wonderful is Your play  

11    Picture  

12    Awaken such inspiration in me  

13    May I see Your form in every living being  

14    The call  

15    My beloved cottage  

16    My homage, O Lord  

17    Conversation  

18    Unwavering faith  

19    Purpose  

20    Refuge in the Lord  

21    A moment that passes is gone forever  

22    The dust of the feet of the Supreme  

23    Teachings of the saints  

24    Patience  

25    The unique and beautiful world  

26    Make peace in the world, O Lord  

27    Give me such a boon, O Lord  

28    If a true call appears in my heart  

29    Mother who serves selflessly