An Offering of Reverence

A Compilation of Poems by Usha Srivastava



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Consciousness Studies

Usha Srivastava's poetry to the divine mother in the form of Ammachi is an etheric and beautiful outpouring of the soul's deepest longing for the unconditional love and protection of the Divine.

These poems are sweetly tender and filled with a childlike trust and certain expectancy that Mother will answer our calls.  They speak to the circumstances and stages of spiritual development, when the devotee is tired and longs for comfort, when the ego’s demands are felt keenly but the knowledge dawns that only Mother's love will satisfy and bring contentment, when the simple joy of Mother's presence is all the heart desires.

These beautiful poems are composed by a wise and sweet woman who for several years has shared them with only her family and a small group of Ammachi devotees in our Ft. Collins monthly satsang gathering.  We have all been inspired and uplifted by her words and have urged her to share them with a larger audience in the form of this book.

It is my privilege and honor to add my introduction and endorsement of Usha's poems in this her first collection.  I know you will find deep enrichment and inspiration from these pages.  This will be a book you'll want to keep by your meditation altar, or on the bedside table for inspiration when beginning and ending the day, and for entering into the silence of prayer and meditation.

Susan St. Clair
Northern Lights Bookstore
Ft.  Collins, CO