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Update 2

Last Weeks in Review: Teams are moving ahead with the Designers for Learning pilot service-learning projects.  Here is a brief recap of the past weeks' activities:
  • Advisor Town Hall: We held a live Advisor Town Hall on Thursday, March 6th with several of the advisors to the project. As a reminder, all webinar recordings are stored on the project website
  • Coordinating Designer Meetings: In addition, Gabrielle Blake has had several conversations with the Coordinating Designers to discuss progress on the major deliverables. 
  • Subject-Matter Selection: Project teams B and C have narrowed their preferred subject matter choices. Their topics are documented within their Design Plans (see below).
  • Design Plan: We asked teams to have an initial (very) rough draft of their Design Plans available for review by March 17th. These Design Plans are drafted within a Google Doc for each team that is linked in the left navigation of our project website. While a Design Plan template is offered within the Project Management subfolder in our Google Drive, student designers were encouraged to work with their faculty advisors to add to or amend the Design Plan content.
  • Client Questions: The client and Bonnie Shellnut helped us to answer student design team questions. The responses are stored in a Google Doc at
  • Learner Personas: Elizabeth Boling and Bonnie Shellnut developed learner "personas" for the design teams.
  • Project Management: Gabrielle worked with the Coordinating Designers to develop a process to track project activities and student participation.
Next Steps:
  • Project "home base": We are also asking project team members to suggest ideas for the design of the "home base" where we will store our final project deliverables. While we have pointed to the layout of the website as a potential exemplar, we welcome all suggestions. 
  • Design Plan Evaluation: Faculty and other advisors will be asked to provide feedback to the Design Plans using the comment feature within the Google Doc. More details to follow on the evaluation during the next two weeks of the project.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact us at with any questions or comments. Thank you so much for your participation and interest in this project!

Gabrielle Blake and Jennifer Maddrell