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Update 1

This has been an exciting first week for the kick-off of the Designers for Learning pilot service-learning projects. As a reminder, we have a live webinar today (Tuesday, February 25, 2014) to update the first week’s activities, as well as to discuss next steps. As always, upcoming webinars are announced on the "Announcement" section of the project website's Home page, and you can find information about the next scheduled live webinars on the project website at In addition, given that many people aren't able to join the live sessions, all webinar recordings are stored on the project website

Last Week in Review: We held two live webinars last week. Again, each webinar was recorded and stored on the project website. While much of the week was devoted to general introductions, we are starting to get into the heat of the design process. In our first webinar, the client team at Grace Centers of Hope helped us to refine the target subject-matter by providing us with a “wish list” of items that are documented in a Google Doc in our shared Google Drive folder. In addition, we had our first meeting with the Coordinating Designers to discuss next steps.

Next Steps: There are two key deliverable due dates that the teams will need to make in the next few weeks, including: 
  • Subject-Matter Selection – Due Monday, March 3, 2014: Project teams B and C are asked to narrow their preferred subject matter choices by March 3rd. The Project Manager, Gabrielle Blake, will be working with the Coordinating Designers to finalize each project team’s preferred choice. Gabrielle will discuss all preferences with the client team to ensure we are focusing on the most needed topics.
  • Design Plan – First Draft Due Monday, March 17, 2014: We are asking teams to have an initial (very) rough draft of their Design Plans available for review by March 17th. This Design Plan will be drafted within a Google Doc for each team that is linked in the left navigation of our project website. Faculty and other advisors will be asked to provide feedback to the Design Plans using the comment feature within the Google Doc. While a Design Plan template is offered within the Project Management subfolder in our Google Drive, student designers are encouraged to work with their faculty advisors to add to or amend the Design Plan content.
Project "home base": We are also asking project team members to suggest ideas for the design of the "home base" where we will store our final project deliverables. While we have pointed to the layout of the website as a potential exemplar, we welcome all suggestions. 

Looking ahead to AECT 2014 Convention: Many students and faculty involved in this project are also members of the Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). I submitted two AECT conference proposals related to this Designers for Learning service-learning project. One is a design showcase that will include all participants. While the proposal was submitted with just the names of the Designers for Learning advisory panel, all project team members will be invited to participate in the showcase if the proposal is selected. The other proposal is a panel discussion about the design, development, and implementation of this service-learning project. More to follow on this if the proposals are selected. 

Questions or Comments?
Please contact me at with any questions or comments. Thank you so much for your participation and interest in this project!

Jennifer Maddrell