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This website OEE texts presents articles and other informative texts about art environments in Europe. My weblog Outsider Environments Europe , an inventory and documentation of these sites, mainly includes short, descriptive articles.

So OEE texts includes interesting texts about these art environments, that do not fit into the format of my weblog, republished here in agreement with the author and, if necessary, translated into english.

Environments in general

Jo Farb Hernández, Espacios Singular

* part of a lecture about Espacios Singulares at the Harinera cultural centre in Zaragoza, Spain

Art Brut 2012: emulation or proliferation?

* text by CrAB, Collectif de réflexion sur l'Art Brut (2012)

Eva di Stefano, Who owns outsider art? Illegal monuments: multiple ownership and difficult protection

* introduction for the General Assembly 2013 of the European Outsider Art Association

Interest Group of Environments

* conclusions of the very first meeting (Heidelberg, May 24, 2013) of this group founded by the European Outsider Art Association

Roberta Trapani

* abstract of doctoral dissertation Patrimoines irréguliers en France et en Italie. Origines, artification, regard contemporain (Irregular heritages in France and Italy. Origins, artification, contemporary view)

Alexander Emelyanov, Folk art environments of Russia, from previous to later creations

* a review of the development of the documentation of Russian folk art environments until 2016

ITE-art in Finland celebrates its 20th anniversary

* a retrospective on the emergence of ITE-art by Raija Kallioinen and an overview of activities in 2020

Specific topics

Miniature villages

* a text (june 2013) in a series by the editor of this site

Italian born outsider artists creating art environments in France

* a text (july 2013) in a series by the editor of this site

Rima Staines, Old women who paint their walls

* text (july 2010) about Enni Id (Finland), Bonaria Manca (Italy) and Polina Rayko (Ukraine)


* program of the audio-visual festival on October 3, 2008, at the occasion of the publication of the last issue of this magazine

Environments as such, by country

Czech Republic

Forman, Karel, Decorated interio

* text by his grandson Pavel Forman, "No Return", on the occasion of an exposition (Olomouc, 2009)


Veijo Rönkkönen, Sculpture Park

* text by Sophie Lepetit (2018)

Rytkönen, Niilo, Sculptures around the farm

* text by Olli Korhonen (2003)


Audin, Pascal, Le monde de M. Audin

* text by Jean François Barrat (2017)

Billon, Jean, Sculpture garden

* text by Sophie Lepetit (2011)

Breton, Alexis le, Lord of the peppered pond

* text by Sophie Lepetit (2012)

Chomo, Village of preludian art

* text by Laurent Danchin (2009) as an introduction to the 2009 exposition in Paris

* video: Laurent Danchin welcomes the visitors of the open day, October 3, 2015

Costa Ferrera, Euclide da,The Blue House

* text by Pascale Herman (1979), the "making of" and talks with da Costa and neighbours

Dhièvre, Marcel, Le Petit Paris

* text by Laurent Danchin (2012) about the author of "Le Petit Paris"

Fouré, Abbé, The sculpted rocks

* text by Noguette (1919) on life and works of the priest

* text by R. Brooks Popham (1912), an impression of his visit to the site

* interview (2013) by Monika Swuine with Joelle Jouneau, founder of the association "Les amis de l'oeuvre de l'Abbé Fouré"

Grazzi, Victor, La vlla des cent regards

* text by Michel Fressoz (2011)

Jeannot (le Béarnois), Jeannot's floor

* translation into english of the text carved into the floor;

Litnianski, Bodan, Garden of Wonders

* text by Jean-Marc Huygen (2009) on the importance of saving the site for the future;

* text by Agnes Varda (2004), introduction to a book on Litnianski's life and work

Lobert, Didier, Donjon et Abaye

* text and biography by Sylvaine Lobert (march 2020)

Morales, Raymond,

* transcript of a 2000 video, with Morales talking about his sculptures

Paysant, Abbé Victor, Decorated church of Ménil-Gondouin

* text by Patrick Peccatte (2010)

Rapeau, Pierre, The wood with creatures

* text by Yannick Rolandeau (2009) on Rapeau's creations and a movie that could not be made;

Smilowski, Jean

* text by Patrick Lepetit (2009), an introduction to Smilowski's life and work

Arthur Vanabelle

* text by Alain Cadet (2010), an interview with Vanabelle


Israele, the hermit

* text of the inscription on the exterior wall in Italian, with translation into englsh)


Halman, Gregorius, "Olt Stoutenburght" castle

* transcript of a 2007 video, with Halman talking about his builded structure

Ham, Willem, Hammetje Castle

* transcript of a 1992 video (on You Tube in 2012), with Ham talking about the structure he constructed

Lankveld, Gerard van, Monera Carkos Vla

* report of a visit in 2010 by Oleksiy Kachmar and Julia Kysla

Leegwater, Ger, Kremlin in the Netherlands

* transcript of a video (2009) with Leegwater talking about his creations

Wiersma, Ruurd, Frisian outsider artist

* transcript of a 2011 video, dealing with Ruurd Wiersma, his work and art environment


Kirillov, Sergei, The house of the blacksmith

* text by Andrey Bobrikhin about the decorations Kirillov added to exterior and interior of his house


El Pasatiempo

* text by Amio Cajander (2010) on the origins, features, decay and present state of El Pasatiempo

Pujiula, Josep, Labyrinth environment

* manifest (2013) to save the environment


Rayko, Polina, Decorated house

* text by Oleksiy Kachmar (2009) on Rayko's life and works;

Tribushnyy, Vitaliy, Museum of totalitarianism

* text by Julia Kysla (2009) on this personal museum about communism, crime and terror

United Kingdom

Dowdeswell, Sydney, Mosaic and shell garden

* text of an informative comment on the article about Dowdeswell by Macknight 131

Wright, Steve, House of Dreams Museum

* text of the introduction to his solo exposition in July 2010

More texts will follow.

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