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Oeconomics of Knowledge is an open-access scholarly e-publication that aims to bring together diversity of researchers, experts and practitioners who are working in the area of knowledge, computer science and economy.

The published articles are peer-reviewed by prominent professors and specialists that are members of the Advisory Board. The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, for example, is considered to be a remarkable representative of superior economic studies in Romania.

The journal is committed to publish valuable papers written by well recognized specialists. The articles are accompanied by abstract, keywords and references.

The journal content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

There are four English written issues per year that can be freely accessed and downloaded through the publication web site.

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Editor's Note

Dear reader,

Thank you for your interest in Oeconomics of Knowledge journal. I hope you will find it useful and interesting.

In the context of the Information Society, the global economy is heavily focused on knowledge used to produce economic benefits. The human capital of today involves a high accumulation of knowledge used to meet the organizational goals. This is why the majority of employees actually represent information workers contributing to the shared intelligence.

The Oeconomics of Knowledge journal publishes quality articles written by scientists who want to prove their deep understanding on the topic of knowledge society impact over our uncertain economy.

Specialists all over the world are encouraged to submit their high-minded papers to be published inside the Oeconomics of Knowledge journal.

Thank you!