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ALECU Felician

The Impact of Parallel Processing on Operating Systems, Volume 1, Issue 1

Software Programs, from Sequential to Parallel, Volume 1, Issue 2

Open 3D Projects, Volume 2, Issue 1

The WiMAX Technology, Volume 2, Issue 2

The Pareto Principle in the Modern Economy, Volume 2, Issue 3

How to make a software project ready for external backup – rules to be followed, Volume 3, Issue 1

Management of Software Development Projects, Volume 3, Issue 2

Managing Software Development Projects, The Project Management Process, Volume 3, Issue 3

Managing Software Development Projects, The Sequence of the Project Phases, Volume 3, Issue 4

Software Development Factories, the Project Management Perspective, Volume 4, Issue 1

ALECU Teodora

Interconnections between economic subsystems and the IT innovation in avoiding unpredictable effects of finance reforms in East-European Countries, Volume 1, Issue 1

Individual Vs Collective Choice In Corporate Finance, Volume 1, Issue 2

The foreign investments phenomena in south-eastern European countries, Volume 2, Issue 1

Macroeconomics correlations focused on foreign direct investments, Volume 2, Issue 3

Transfer pricing in 2010 and forwards, Volume 2, Issue 4

AAMIR Mohammad

Factors Affecting Employees’ Job Satisfaction in Telecommunication Industry: a case study of Pakistan, Volume 6, Issue 3

AMIN Maria




Ikram ul Haq


QURESHI Muhammad Imran

RADU Madălina Mihaela

RUSTAM Sehrish

SALMAN Muhammad

Seep Nadeem

SHAH Bahadar

SHARMA Jitendra

TURAB Shazil

UMAR Abdullah

ZAMAN Khalid