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WEL Radio 105.5


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“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!!!

From the scenic heart of Carinthia, you are listening to KWEL Welcome Radio, one o five point five, America’s Voice in Austria.”

Remember that? There was once a small, but fine radio program at 105.5 on the dial that you could hear all over Carinthia, for a whole hour every Thursday -- and that for 3 years long until it fell victim to a program reform.

We had excellent studio guests, interesting interviews, informative and funny contributions about America its land and people, and of course – the best music east of the Mississippi.
Now we are back, KWEL 105.5 lives again under its new call sign (for legal reasons) WEL 105.5.

How can I listen to WEL 105.5?

WEL 105.5 is available over Laut.fm on any computer with an internet connection. It’s also available on mobile devices such as smart phones and WLAN capable MP3 players, in fact on any internet capable device. 
Just go to laut.fm/wel105point5 and start listening.

Can I listen to WEL 105.5 on my car radio?

Yes, it’s easy. First download the Laut FM app onto your smart phone and search for Wel105point5. 
Then you have several ways to connect your smart phone to the car radio depending on your radio, e.g., over blue tooth or by cable.

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