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Natashka and her mother were watching the "Robot Rampage" episode of the Backyardigans, which features Pablo as the evil genius "Dr. Bug." N kept asking Mom a whole bunch of questions about why Dr. Bug was evil and why he wanted to control all the robots and why did he want to rule the world, etc. Then she said, "I think he is definitely not a bucket filler."

Natashka told Miss Donna Monday morning "Miss Donna, I love coming to your house."

Sky told Donna K. that his hand needed a hug.

Haley told Donna K. Tuesday morning "I haven't seen you in ages." Donna K. "I know, all the way since yesterday."

Dio was asking the kids if they wanted gold fish for snack. JJ responded "I don't want gold fish, I want damn crackers." Dio looked shocked and said "Miss Donna....?" Miss Donna set him straight..... "Graham Crackers."

Sky was bragging to Miss Donna that he knows where the prize box is. Miss Donna made the comment "that's okay Sky, I trust that you would never take anything you have not earned." Sky's expression changed, he looked down and emptied his pockets.

Gracie, Katie M and Nicco were in line for the bathroom when Nicco was trying to push ahead. Gracie was upset, when Katie put her hand on Gracies shoulder and said “It’s alright Gracie, Nicco is a boy, he doesn’t get it.”
Gracie told Lucy that “We can still be best friends forever, even it you have toilet paper in your butt.”
Sky to Miss Donna

“You can get me out of time out because you are the BIG Boss!”

Collyn to Miss Donna
My mommy walks around in just a t-shirt and no underwear all day.

While playing outside Katie G was giving all the kids powers.
Sky got the power to be a helicopter.
Miss Donna asked what her power was and Katie G replied “you have the power to make children listen to you.”

Yes she does!

“Hey Sky, What is this a picture of?”
Sky ” The Moon.”
“right, what is the moon made of?”
“Oh, that is easy, it is definitely cheese.”

Katie M
“Miss Donna, I really don’t like penguins, I like my stuffed penguin but I don’t like real penguins cause they just stare at you.”

Collyn: “I want to be a mama.”
Her Mama: “Why?”
Collyn: “Because then I can be the boss of everything.”

On their way home from the Library the other day, Daniel looked up to Miss Donna and said “Miss Donna, I am having a very nice day.”

JJ went poo-poo on the potty and went and got Miss Donna to show her. Miss Donna did the usual congratulations, and gave JJ a medal. Natashka said “I can do that, can I have a medal too?”

The other day Brittany was asking the kids what they like at lunch time. She said ‘Who likes applesauce?” and the kids raised their hands accordingly. Then someone else asked “Who likes broccoli?”
once a tally was in, Gavin asked “Who has seasonal allergies?’

Steve was picking up Gavin at the end of the day. He was trying
to get Gavin to get his backpack on, but Gavin’s backpack was very heavy. As Gavin was working to put the pack on he stated, “Dad, This is a gravitational challenge.”

Sky went to the school playground with all of the older kids. When they got back, Miss Donna wanted to chat with Sky about how much fun they had, so she asked "Sky, What did you do?" Sky replied "Why, what do you know?"

Danielle came running out of the bathroom and said "Miss Donna, someone did not flush the toilet.... that's just gross!"


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