Research Laboratories at ODU:

Research Environment for Alarm and Complex Task Simulation (REACTS) Laboratory

Students in Dr. Bliss's REACTS laboratory investigate issues concerning the phenomenon of alarm mistrust, including strategies to improve operator responding and variables that may interact with alarm mistrust.  They also investigate the role of games and other simulation tools for skill training.

Applied Sensory Psychology Laboratory

Students in Dr. Brill's laboratory conduct research in two areas: 1) multiple resource theory and multimodal displays (primarily vibrotactile and spatial audio) and 2) responses to motion (e.g., sopite syndrome).

Applied Cognitive Performance Lab

            Students in Dr. Yamani's lab explore mechanisms of attention and how they constrain human performance in basic and                applied environments. They also studies younger and older adults’ allocation of attention using driving simulation and eye             tracking technology.

Psychology of Design Laboratory

Students in Dr. Still’s Psychology of Design (PoD) laboratory contribute to four main research areas: 1.) Investigating the interaction between visual attention and effective interface design 2.) Developing new human-centered authentication methods 3.) Improving theory supporting intuitive design 4.) Providing/examining UX services

Automation Issues Research Laboratory

Students in Dr. Scerbo's automation issues laboratory investigate the dynamic role of automation and the impact it has on perceived workload, situation awareness, and task performance.

Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC)

Faculty, researchers and students conduct a wide range of funded research projects concerning modeling and simulation. Human factors specialists provide research, testing, training, and behavioral modeling support for military, medical, and business applications. Customers include the U S Navy, Northrop Grumman Newport News, and the US Joint Forces Command.

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