Play is defined by the capacity to experiment with one’s surroundings as a form of problem-solving.

An example of play is a digital writing class. A digital writing class would including practicing different forms of technology, such as a blog. The goal of practicing these different forms of technologies are to find things one isn't very knowledgeable on and to keep challenging one's self, until they learn how to work that form of technology. This is learned by experimenting to solve "problems" when one isn't sure how to go about something in digital writing.
Another example self-taught web designers. Many people who are proficient in web designing have never taken a class in it. Instead, they use online tools and experimentation to "play", explore and learn the art of web designing.
Anyone who is a hands on learner is capable of experimenting with play.  Using play in a professional setting may get you in trouble but while using a medium with no consequences play may be the best way to learn how to use a program.  How many people have read the owner manual on anything they own.  The reason you don't is because of the internet and simply trying to figure it out yourself are easier to accomplish than reading the lengthy owner manual.
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