- shaping the flow of media (Such as podcasting, blogging).
Users today employ different ways and types of technology to get knowledge and share findings. Many websites allow users to post their creations, achievements, scores, etc. on other more popular websites. Therefore, the most recent news can be found on the most frequently used websites - the places where other users tend to refer for their needs. The flow media and changes in the society are interdependent.
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Circulation vs. Distribution
Circulation is something confused with distribution, but in many ways they are nothing alike.  Jenkins states that the main difference between circulation and distribution is that there is often an exchange of money when something is distributed.  Whereas when something is circulated the social rewards outweigh the economic and in most cases there is no exchange of money.  In order for circulation to be successful society needs to focus more on the idea of sharing information rather then patenting it and trying to own it.  A more in depth look at Jenkin's discussion on circulation and distribution can be found here which discusses his views and also includes a video of his lecture.

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