Jenkins: Confronting the challenges of participatory culture: Media education for the 21st century

In his article Jenkins introduces new era of participatory culture (2009). He states that “interactivity is a property of technology while participation is a property of culture” (8). 
According to Jenkins, current tendency is that people acquire skills on their own. However, it presents certain obstacles such as participation gap, transparency problem, and ethics challenge (3). Therefore, it would be better for society if people acquire new skills with the help of professional educators; however, modern educational system requires dramatic changes and much more attention.
Challenges of Participatory Culture
The simple and most obvious being the mass amounts of persons unable to participate in the revolutionary Interwebs. Should someone be assigned the task of solving this problem? In addressing this issue would also invest in Third-World Countries statuses, which seems to be something that most world leaders are inclined to simply ignore. It would be easy to brush this issue off to the side and ignore it all together, to forget it ever existed; to say well that's just life and we were born into this. Even as I type this summary there may be some people out there in the world trying to resolve this issue and it is relevant to note that the writing of this is in essence doing nothing for the challenge itself, but is merely reiterating the fact. . Perhaps in the future say decade or two those not well off and unconnected will one day become connected simply because all the computers we are using at this day and age become completely worthless, an example would be the way China has massive amounts of technological garbage. All the computers and devices that were the bees-knees a decade ago are worthless and trashed today. Who should be accommodated first? Those in developed countries who are poverty stricken and live around those with such access or those whose environment is limited such as Third-World Countries? The real question to be addressed is will this issue be taken seriously by minds of those who have the will to impact and make progress in terms of the challenge, before there reaches a point where well we have so many out dated computers and such that we can give them free to whoever will take them.
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