What is digital writing?
    Digital writing is just that: digital. It is the new term used to describe all of the innovative ways of communicating in the Digital Age. In the evolution of the computer and its growing cousin the Internet, words and phrases like blogging, posts, tweets, text messaging and my personal favorite "updating my status" have become the social norm in today's internet jargon. Yet, digital writing is not limited to just social networking and a Facebook status. Digital writing can also be used to describe the use of multimedia in the efforts of communicating. The network news program with scrolling information, the long slideshows in class, the coding used to write software and websites, and even this paragraph and website you're are currently reading all fall under the category of digital writing. 

Why should we learn about digital writing?
    You may be thinking to yourself, "Why should I learn about digital writing if I practice this kind of thing every day?" That is an excellent question because the answer leads to a broader understanding. Digital writing has created a new paradigm shift in the areas of learning and understanding from the ever obsolete book-learning to the up-to-the-minute speed of internet connections. The advent of digital writing comes with a brand new way of learning and comprehension that greatly differs from the time of our parents and the way they learned. The era of the book and newspaper are slowly dying out, and in its place ushers in a new and faster way of learning. In this respect, new literacies are needed for communication. Not only does one have to be able to read and understand the pamphlet out on how to work the printer, but also the workings of internet journals, blogs, and media. These all correspond to the exponential growth of technology in the 20th and 21th centuries. One not only has to be fluent, but also able to adapt and learn as new technologies are created ironically to decrease the population's learning curve and speed up efficiency in the classroom and workplace. These tasks have become essential to the 21st century individual.

This video illustrates (however hypothetically) the importance of digital writing in the 21st century. The extreme changes featured in this video demonstrate the influence and potency of digital writing can and does have in the Digital Age. 

The Purpose:
    This site aims to show the reaches and effects of digital writing in today's culture, while defining and utilizing some of the associated terms. 
    The site aims to discuss and interpret some of the major issues that digital writing creates, for example in the areas of ethics and plagiarism. 
    The site also looks to give some extra resources pertinent to the issues that offer a deeper understanding.

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