The Map to Health: Energy vs. Anergy

Atlantis is still a mystery, but health optimization doesn't have to be!

Your body is made up of hydrogen-fuel cells that convert food into hydrogen to make energy. To optimize health and energy, food must completely oxidize into hydrogen.

Food (carbohydrates or "carbs") are the energy source of all cells.  All carbs are converted by the liver into a simple sugar called glucose which enters the blood from the liver.  Glucose is your gas.

IF your cells have the B-vitamins to burn your gas (glucose) into hydrogen, then insulin opens the "door" of your cells so glucose can enter in from the blood and burn.

BURNING OF CARBS INTO ENERGY IS CALLED OXIDATION.  Here's how glucose is oxidized (click here):

Step 1.  Vitamin B1 works to divide glucose into two molecules of pyruvic acid.

Step 2.  Vitamin B5 reacts with pyruvic acid which is oxidized (hydrogen is removed) to make Acetyl-CoA.  Vitamin B3 transports hydrogen to your energy-making hydrogen "dam."

Step 3. Acetyl-CoA fuels oxidation or the making of more hydrogen. 

Vitamin B2 transports 10% and B3 transports 90% of these hydrogen atoms to your energy-making hydrogen "dam" to make energy in the form of ATP from hydrogen.  ATP is what every cell in your body needs to perform its particular function.  Small wonder, then, that a B3 deficiency can cause fatigue, multi-organ failure and ultimately death!

Food oxidized is health optimized!

BUT....YOU NEED B1, B2, B5 and heaps of B3 in your food to reach your destination of complete oxidation...otherwise Acetyl-CoA makes cholesterol and fat (ANERGY) instead of ATP (ENERGY)!

This isn't rocket science, folks...but it is RotcoD Science! 

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