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pH is the Power of Health


Learn the truth about health, and what most doctors don't know about it.

These 8 simple pages are your map to health optimization

Food oxidized is health optimized!

The key to optimal health is complete oxidation of the foods you eat.  With incomplete oxidation of food, cholesterol, triglycerides, fatty acids and metabolic acids called ketone bodies contaminate your blood.

To keep the blood from becoming acidic (so that your heart doesn't stop!), acid wastes that aren't removed through the breath, urine or skin are stored in the tissues.

You are 70 percent water, and acid water in the swimming pool of your tissues is what allows the tiniest of microorganisms (that normally turn you to dust when you die) to multiply and cause you to prematurely degenerate. 

These organisms (with various names such as mycoplasma, protits, somatids and endobionts) are the smallest living organisms on planet earth.  They are found in all animals, plants and insects. No matter what you call them, they enhance life or accelerate degeneration depending upon the pH of the water of their swimming pool (you).

In acid water, mycoplasma multiply more quickly and can infect red blood cells, white blood cells and every type of tissue (click here).

With Dr. Gaston Naessens' brilliant somatoscope you can watch them swim and dance  (click here).  These tiny lifeforms behave like the garbage-cleaners of living tissue (note on the photo to the left how they attach to red cell membranes -- are they friend or foe here?), and they multiply and morph into a fungal-like form in a low-oxygen acid environment (as in death).  If your tissues become a low-oxygen acid waste-land and they start to invade YOU, your immune system may become activated.  Physicians won't know to test for mycoplasma because they think they can only cause pneumonia.  And if by chance your blood sample grows mycoplasma in the medical lab, technicians will call it a "contaminant" because they think mycoplasma come from the air (click here) which is about as far off-the-map as any science can depart.  Because physicians practice medicine with blind-folds on since they are clueless about these organisms as they can't see them with standard microscopes,  they won't find a source of infection so they suppress their patients' immune systems with drugs that have more negative side-effects than Methuselah has years.  This is called the STANDARD OF CARE and will likely remain so as this information has been suppressed now for more than 40 years. 

The key to keeping mycoplasma in balance in your body is to keep your "swimming pool" at a pH above the acid-range.  pH is nature's power of Health.

Incompletely-oxidized food forms waste acids.  To ensure your foods are completely oxidized (into hydrogen) instead of acidic wastes, then follow this road map to health -- and learn how to completely oxidize food and keep your swimming pool balanced.

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