PWave live broadcast

Reading Eagle by Jim Speese

Another in the cavalcade of regional musical acts will be presented online by the webmasters at P-Wave has already presented many a local band, including Anthrophobia, The Robert Reilly Band and Halestorm. Acts play in the studio/club of the company to a small and intimate audience as the show is videotaped and streamed live over the Internet for all to see. Sunday, P-Wave presents backflipannie at 4pm.

Backflipannie (a group that specializes in the interesting name department) comes to Reading from West Chester, via Philadelphia and Allentown. The band is actually an acoustic rock duo featuring the talents of Lori Jacobs and Lynn Verdone, both of whom sing and play guitar. Jacobs hails from Allentown originally and has played a lot of different instruments over the years.
As a trumpet player (at age 15) she began her prefessional music career playing with concert bands and orchestras throughout the state. She met her future musical partner, Verdone, in Philadelphia in 1985, when the two became part of the cover band, Attitude. Verdone was born in Philadelphia, and has been playing music, mainly keyboards, since kindergarten.  She played with a wedding band, Twelfth Night, for eight years beginning when she was just 14; during this time she also took up singing.


She played in several other bands as well, and earned a degree in Music Therapy and Music Education from Immaculata College. While Jacobs played guitar and trumpet for Attitude, Verdone played the keys and lead guitar. It was a formative time for both musicians. However, Jacobs moved to Atlanta in 1987, in search of a partner for an acoustic duo. Unsuccessful, she ended up in the rock band Streetlife. Interestingly, because guitarists were apparently easier to come by, the versatile Jacobs played drums for the band. Eventually she moved back to the Philadelphia area, where she played with a couple of other bands. One of them, Natural Reaction, broke up after the tragic death of one of it's members, and Jacobs then gave up music for a time.

Then, in a sort of cosmic connection, Verdone called. Verdone had remained in the Philadelphia area after Jacobs moved on, but she had written or performed little music in the ensuing 11 years. When she got the bug again, she impulsively serached out Jacobs, found her and called her. Not long after, backflipannie was formed.

Backflipannie is a combination of energetic rock 'n roll and fine harmonies. The band has a soulful touch, and its first CD, "Open Cases", has received quite a bit of notice. The duo's sophomore effort, "Life Force," is under construction, so to speak, and will be available soon. Meanwhile, music aficionados of all stripes can tune in to backflipannie on