LIPP - Long Island Press
By Liz C Staton

The closest that these women from Philadelphia have gotten their guitars to Long Island was when they flew over it on their way to Europe during last year’s tour. These 1999 Lilith Fair finalists have been performing their brand of  energetic acoustic rock since 1997 and have since released 2 successful full length CDs. The first "Open Cases" showcases the bands acoustic material, while their most recent release "Life Force" introduces their audience to an expanded sound with a full band to back them. It should be interesting to see what these artists pull out of their instrument cases for their Long Island debut. Backflipannie is credited with guitars, bass, keyboards, drums & brass on their "Life Force" CD . 

LIPP: what got you into singing & playing music?
Lynn: "began playing piano in kindergarten class. The music teacher suggested piano lessons, but a guitar was cheaper. I started guitar lessons at ten years old."
Lori: "I started with trumpet when I was a mere pup. Trumpet wasn’t any fun at a party and it’s even harder to sing with one at your mouth. A friend let me borrow a crappie old guitar that made my fingers bleed and tuning impossible. Thankfully, they make tuners these days."

The Backflipannie repertoire contains lots of favorites such Indigo Girls, Melissa, S Colvin, S Mc Laughlin, T Chapman & KD Lang and acoustic favorites CSN & Y and Bob Dylan in addition to their originals. 

LIPP: What songs from your repertoire do you really enjoy to perform & why?
Lynn: "Life Force. Bring Me Some Water (Melissa Etheridge) really rocks. Galileo (Indigo Girls) is an audience favorite & is really fun to play.
Lori: "Life Force as a favorite original. Looking out My Back Door because it gets the audience going every time. The tambourine is killer! The Indigo Girls stuff is fun too, their songs use the vocals & guitar to the fullest extent for a duo. Also One Way, it’s original & very catchy."

LIPP: Who are your influences? Is there anyone you try to emulate?
Lynn: "Janis Ian. I only try to emulate the great Litus Pinkus."
Lori: "CSN & Y and the Beatles are probably the biggest influences in my early years, although I listen to tons of artists."
Their original material is accented with these influences and has been savored by Brazilian, German & Russian radio stations as well as here throughout the Northeast USA. They also get their sound around the         globe via a live Internet performance broadcast on P-Wave. (Archived at . 
LIPP: What are some of your most memorable performances? any good stories to share? 
Lynn & Lori: "The festival we played in Cologne Germany. It was our biggest audience so far estimated at 30,000." 
(During that tour, they decided to put out a guitar case & play on the street in Prague) "We had people throwing  (money) at us like drunken sailors. We thought we were rich. When we got back to the hotel and counted the money, we found out it equaled something short of $10US. The worst part was that most of the coins weren’t accepted by the banks. The hotel clerk explained "we throw those at musicians in the streets, you really can’t buy anything with them". 

One doesn’t just pick up an instrument & play a festival to tens of thousands of people. These musicians began 
during childhood & expect to keep recording new material as long as they keep playing & writing.

LIPP: Any comments on the growth & changes that your performance has taken over the years?
Lynn: "I’m more comfortable with the stage show. Technique continues to grow & writing improves.
Lori: "The ability to sense the "mood of the room" is becoming increasingly fun to feed into." 

LIPP: Would you like to be performing in 5 years? 10 years?
Lori: "Absolutely, positively YES! Someday I’ll be the one at the old folks home strumming out tunes at 80 years old with everyone around me turning off their hearing aids." 
LIPP: Any words of advice to other artists that want to take a musical path?
Lynn & Lori: "If you want to be successful you have to be involved in every aspect of the music biz, from being the musician, stage hand, sound engineer, public relations agent and opportunity seeker. Oh yeah, and practice, practice, practice. Don't give up."
Backflipannie is scheduled to perform locally at Forevergreen on Sunday, June 4 from 6-9pm. Further information on the duo is available on the world wide web at, or stop by Forevergreen to hear them on the jukebox.