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St John's House

Kate and Nathan's Wedding

19th October 2002

Everything went splendidly; both Kate and I really enjoyed the day, as did everyone who was there.
We spent the following two weeks in the Spanish town of Nerja in the lovely sunshine enjoying our Honeymoon to the fullest.
A big Thank You to everyone who got us cards or who got us presents from our list - it was just what we wanted!
Thank you also to those who got there too late for the list and had to guess - almost all of you got us silver stuff which we love. Thanks also goes out to Gary Wilkinson for this:

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11:00 o'clock - Marriage service at Immanuel Church, St John's House, followed by photos in Abbey Gardens
2:00 o'clock dinner at the Winchester Guild Hall
7:30-12:00 o'clock - Party at the Rugby Club

Wedding Vows
"My Jesus, My Saviour" ~ "All My Days"