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The Life And Times Of Foggyist Jackbut (Act I)

...and it is now: The 'Artwork Gallery' is back up, but England are out of the world cup. Win some, lose some. ~ N.M

It's getting better all the time: Website still undergoing re-construction... I've re-pointed the 'Movies!' section to my YouTube channel, and repaired the 'Oddboy, not online' section and Act I of 'The Life and Times of Foggyist Jackbut.' ~ N.M

Damaged Goods: Website undergoing re-construction... the wedding pages have been re-instated, but none of the rest of the site is up yet.  Yes, it's been three years since I've done anything with this site, but it's been a busy three years - please don't shout at me! ~ N.M

++UPDATE++    07/07/2007
More photos!
++UPDATE++    07/07/2007
New movies!

Background painting by Simon Davis

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