"JIVE: A Generative, Interactive, Virtual, Evolutionary Music System." is one of the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded research projects from ODCSSS 2009 (Online Dublin Computer Science Summer School) . It is first time to combine V (Virtual instrument), I (User interaction), G (Generative music) and E (Evolutionary computation) those four ideas together. This project is hosting in Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory (CASL) which is in University College Dublin (UCD) Ireland. Natural Computing Research & Application Group (NCRA) provided main supervison on it. For first 12 weeks, full time research was undertaken in Ireland. A presentation was given on middle term research day which is 17th July 2009. A poster and demo were given on 21st August 2009 in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS) 2009 conference. A SFI paper and report were submitted in the end. After those 12 weeks, research is continue with several remaining problem and writing paper for Evolutionary Music and Art (EvoMUSART) 2010 which is a main European events on Evolutionary Computation (By now, the paper has been accepted for full-length paper with one best-paper nomination ). 

Currently, creating computer music is partly a technical challenge as well as an artistic one because most music software is not user oriented. Instruments such as MIDI keyboards require musical virtuosity. Artists, especially beginners, often want new methods of musical expression. One possible solution is a user oriented music system. VIGE (Virtual, Interactive, Generative, and Evolutionary) is such a system: it creates user interactive generative music by using evolutionary computation. In VIGE, an interactive evolutionary algorithm is used to iteratively create a piece of interactive generative music, together with the mapping by which a virtual instrument controls this piece.

Research and Development Team: Mr Jianhua Shao (University of Nottingham), Dr. James McDermott (NCRA, UCD), Dr. Michael O'Neill (NCRA, UCD), Prof. Tony Brabozan (Business School, UCD). -- please see Contact for more details 
Research Keywords: Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Generative Music, Virtual Instrument, Evolutionary Computation, Generatic Algorithm, Grammatical Evolution, GEVA, MIDI.
Research Term: June 2nd 2009 - December 2009 (Expected)

The paper received the Best Paper Award from EvoStar2010 conference. There are the presentation slides and the photo taken after

ODCSSS  is 12 week undergraduate summer research internship program between the University College Dublin (UCD) and Dublin City University (DCU) Ireland starts on June 2nd 2009. This program offers a Distributed and interdisciplinary research environment at the forefront of ICT research. It is funded by Science Fundation Ireland (SFI) with half million euors. The theme for 2009 is "Technologies for bridging the digital-physical divide: sensing the environment". This project is one in this program.