In our day to day lives, we face a large number of risks. Due to risks, we often fall into crisis leading to financial losses. If we are capable of insuring our health, home, family and assets, these losses could be compensated. To secure our future, we all are supposed to have a good knowledge about risks, risk management and insurance. Once we have this realization, we will choose the right insurance policy without exaggeration. We are presenting this insurance knowledge portal to give you authentic information about risks, risk management and insurance. Moreover, we also provide our articles published in major news and media through this site. This will be useful for the insurance customers to enhance their grasp about the subject, which will give the right foundation in choosing the right policies.

We have introduced a number of custom package policies with major insurers in india. The portal given information about these packages, those policies needed by families, comparison of premiums, claim assistance services, agriculture insurance, term insurance and many more. In addition, a handbook on insurance giving contemporary issues and latest information is also available. This portal has all the necessary information for those who need insurance coverage, explained in English and Malayalam. Please inform us anything that you may need in addition related to risks, risk management and insurance.