Terms of Reference

International Cartographic Association

Working Group on Open Data Access and Intellectual Property Rights (ODAIPR)

8 August 2007

  1. To disseminate information on their subject matter to the ICA member nations.
  2. To continue the implementation of the ICA Third World Policy by providing experts for workshops in developing countries when required.
  3. To coordinate their activities with other ICA Commissions, whenever possible.
  4. To coordinate activities with Commissions of other international organizations if this is in the interest of the aims and objectives of ICA.
  5. To appoint a co-chairperson who will be able to take over in case of illness, etc. of the chairperson.
  6. Encourage representatives of all groups to participate in the Working Group on Open Data Access and Intellectual property Rights (ODA and IPR).
  7. Serve as a resource in preparing papers about current legislation in different countries for open data access and intellectual property rights, with particular reference to their application to cartography.
  8. Develop an agreement on the definition and characteristics of open data access and intellectual property rights in cartography, paying particular attention t digital cartographic material and dissemination over the Internet.
  9. Identify and present issues with respect to the objects and subjects of IPR and the free use and archives of cartography
  10. Develop or foster and agreement on the development of open data access and IPR in the field of cartography
  11. Prepare guidelines about best practices, policies and business models for ODA and IPR.
  12. Foster harmonization of ODA and IPR among subjects or within objects such as digital cartographic works

Chair: Lucia Lovison-Golob

Co-Chair Raisa Iakovleva