CUBE is about people and the community they form. oCUBE doesn't currently have formal roles like Treasurer, 
President, etc., but members volunteer to take on certain roles or help out in various capacities as stewards (sometimes referred to as Wizards in oCUBE lexicon).

If you'd like to be added to our list, please email If you'd like to change your steward role, or volunteer to be a steward, please let us know!

Disclaimer: Individual oCUBE members are responsible for the updating/maintenance of their own pages. oCUBE is not responsible for the content of these pages.

oCUBE people:

Educator Institution Email Role in oCUBE
Scott Amon McMaster University [MAILTO]
Aarthi Ashok University of Toronto Scarborough [MAILTO]
Sylvie Bardin University of Ontario Institute of Technology [MAILTO]
Mark Bayfield York University [MAILTO]
Elaine Beaulieu University of Ottawa [MAILTO]
Kyle Belozerov York University [MAILTO]
David Beresford Trent University [MAILTO]
Joe Boivin Nipissing University [MAILTO] UnConference Organization/Roaming Steward
Mike Bidochka Brock University [MAILTO]
Caroline Bouilly University of Toronto, Mississauga [MAILTO]
Adam Brown University of Ottawa [MAILTO]
Jason Brown Wilfrid Laurier University and Georgian College [MAILTO]
Grégory Bulté Carleton University [MAILTO]
Michael Cardinal-Aucoin York University [MAILTO]
Steven Chatfield University of Toronto at Mississauga [MAILTO]
Miranda Chen York University [MAILTO]
Julie Clark York University [MAILTO]
Imogen Coe Ryerson University [MAILTO]
Anne Cordon University of Toronto at Mississauga [MAILTO]
Karl Cottenie University of Guelph [MAILTO]
Josee Coutu University of Ottawa [MAILTO]
Rosa da Silva McMaster University [MAILTO]
Tanya Da Sylva York University [MAILTO]
Vivian Dayeh University of Waterloo [MAILTO]
Charlotte de Araujo Ryerson University [MAILTO]
Christine Dupont University of Waterloo [MAILTO]
Heidi Engelhardt University of Waterloo [MAILTO]
Erin Fraser Memorial University [MAILTO] Invited Participant 2016
Michelle French University of Toronto [MAILTO]
Tim Gabor York University [MAILTO]
Katrina Gaibisels York University [MAILTO]
Richard Gardiner Western University [MAILTO]
Chris Garside University of Toronto [MAILTO] Financial Steward
Corey Goldman University of Toronto [MAILTO]
Melanie Goral York University [MAILTO] Graduate Student
Neil Haave University of Alberta [MAILTO] Invited Participant 2015
Tom Haffie Western University [MAILTO] Visitor Steward; Speaker Wizard
Rachel Hasson University of Windsor [MAILTO]
Monika Havelka University of Toronto at Mississauga [MAILTO]
Peter H. Heinermann University of Guelph [MAILTO]
Sanja Hinic-Frlog University of Toronto at Mississauga [MAILTO] December Meeting Steward
Susan Hyndman Fleming College [MAILTO]
Shoshanah Jacobs University of Guelph [MAILTO] Research Steward
Lovaye Kajiura McMaster University [MAILTO] Recruitment/Promotion Steward
Wendy Keenleyside University of Guelph [MAILTO] UnConference organization Steward (& coordinator of UnConf stewards!)
Tamara Kelly York University [MAILTO] Archives/Communications/Recruitment & promotion Steward; Speaker Wizard
Andrea Kirkwood University of Ontario Institute of Technology [MAILTO]
Dennis Kolosov York University [MAILTO] Graduate Student
Dan Lajoie Western University [MAILTO]
Thelma Leech McMaster University [MAILTO]
Josie Libertucci University of Michigan [MAILTO]
Thomas Luloff Fleming College [MAILTO]
Heath MacMillan York University [MAILTO]
Shelley McCabe York University, University of Guelph-Humber, & Humber College [MAILTO]
Julie McDonald Queen's University [MAILTO]
Patrick McDonald Western University [MAILTO]
Lisa McDonnell UCSD [MAILTO]
Alex Mills York University [MAILTO]
Helen Miliotis Trent University [MAILTO]
Colin Montpetit Universite d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa [MAILTO] Financial Steward
Paul Naphtali McMaster University [MAILTO]
Josh Neufeld University of Waterloo [MAILTO]
Melody Neumann University of Toronto [MAILTO]
Beth Nicholson York University [MAILTO]
Todd Nickle Mount Royal University [MAILTO] Invited Participant 2014
Nicole Nivillac York University [MAILTO]
Tanya Noel University of Windsor [MAILTO] Communications/Recruitment & promotion steward; Website wizard steward
Alp Oran University of Ottawa [MAILTO]
Maria Papaconstantinou University of Toronto [MAILTO]
Ethan Paschos McMaster University, Mohawk College [MAILTO]
Sofia Perin University of Ottawa [MAILTO]
Caroline Petit-Turcotte University of Ottawa [MAILTO]
Thuc-Nghi Pham York University [MAILTO]
Marcel Pinheiro University of Waterloo [MAILTO]
Nikol Piskuric McMaster University [MAILTO]
Kirsten Poling University of Windsor [MAILTO] Unspecified Steward
Mary Power University of Waterloo [MAILTO]
Charles Ramcharan Laurentian University [MAILTO]
Fiona Rawle University of Toronto Mississauga [MAILTO] Nonprofit Investigation Steward; December Meeting Steward
Christoph Richter University of Toronto Mississauga [MAILTO] December Meeting Steward
Lisa Robertson University of Guelph [MAILTO]
Anuar Rodrigues University of Toronto Mississauga [MAILTO]
Brandon Schamp Algoma University [MAILTO]
Niki Sharan Western University [MAILTO]
Cindy Short University of Toronto Mississauga [MAILTO] December Meeting Steward
Julie Smit University of Windsor [MAILTO] UnConference Organization Steward
Catherine Studholme University of Waterloo [MAILTO]
Franco Taverna University of Toronto [MAILTO]
Amanda Tracey Queen's University [MAILTO] Graduate Student Steward
Nigel Waltho Carleton University [MAILTO]
Jennifer Waugh Western University [MAILTO] Communication Steward
David Wegman York University [MAILTO] Graduate Student
Jill Wheeler University of Toronto [MAILTO]
Peter White Michigan State University [MAILTO] Invited Participant 2014
Melanie Wills University of Guelph [MAILTO]
Paula Wilson York University [MAILTO]
Christine Wong University of Toronto [MAILTO]
Shirley Wong York University [MAILTO]

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