2016 oCUBE UnConference Program & Real Time Proceedings

Check out the program from the 2016 UnConference below. 

The UnConference is a community effort. Facilitators help to moderate discussions about specific topics, and each session had a designated scribe and time-keeper - thank you to all who helped out! Once again, we used Scribe forms (a Google Form) so that all notes were collected in real-time and posted (almost) immediately to the website. And it worked; all but one session has scribe notes! Where session notes are available, there are clickable links in the spreadsheet below.

The (Un)Conference experience is of a large community working together and it would be nothing without the actions of its participants. As a result, the best experience is to arrive Tuesday late afternoon, and leave Friday after lunch. We recognize, however, that this may not be possible due to family, financial, or teaching responsibilities. Soon after the potluck (or while we are still munching away on the wonderful snacks brought by oCUBErs), we introduced ourselves via 3-minute oral presentations about a teaching success/tip called "Shorts".  Wednesday through Friday, we hosted a number of sessions. Typically we have two types of sessions: BIGS (Big Idea Group Sessions; ~ 55 min) and GIFTS (Great Ideas For Teaching Sessions; ~ 25 min), which are often concurrent. Because making a schedule on the fly after the votination is a big chaotic, we had three of pre-planned sessions--pitched by and voted for by participants in advance of the UnConference--to populate the earlier sessions on Wednesday. 

Invited Guests. This year we had two invited participants. Erin Fraser from Memorial University (Grenfell) and Heather Addy from the University of Calgary [thus continuing our relationship with the Alberta Introductory Biology Association (AIBA)].  In addition, we were lucky enough to host five members (Peter White, Doug Luckie, Christy Mecey, Kendra Cheruvelil, Jim Smith) of the Lyman-Briggs College (Michigan State University) biology team come join us! All of these extraprovincial oCUBE members truly enriched the UnConference and, because we have no money, paid from their own (or someone else's) pockets to do so!  

We hope that everyone got something from the (Un)Conference and would love to hear what you plan to do with what you learned! Next year's (Un)Conference is at Shamrock Lodge, from the Tuesday to Friday of the week of Victoria Day (May 23-26, 2017). We hope to see you there!

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