Dance Schedule

Our dances are held on the 4th Saturday of each month except February.  In February we have a special benefit dance, "Starry Night for a Ramble" in the middle of the month.  Dances begin at 8pm sharp!  Lessons for beginners start at 7:30pm.  Beginners are encouraged to come early as the easier dances done first.
In August we have a special double dance featuring a nationally known caller and band:  In the afternoon we have an advanced dance and in the evening the regular dance.  

March 23 

Music by Dawn's Early Light, calls by Drake Meadow

April  27

Music by the Pittsfield Open Band
, calls by Karen Dunnam

May 25

Music by the Golden Griffon Stringtet, calls by Susan English


June 22  

Music by The Stout Hearted String Band, 
calls by Reuven AnafShalom