This web is about a operative system written in Octasm (assembly language),this system is for experimental or learning use is not yet a replacement for linux or windows.

The system  can be installed on a hard disk.
Minimum requirements:
cpu 486DX ram 4MB video vesa 1.2
keyboard and mouse 

 The disk image includes sources and is a live version (no need to install).

Is fast,small,open source,32bits,GUI.
Can read write files in fat12/16/32 and iso9660 file systems and also read ex2 file systems. 

Drivers for:
fd 1.44MB
hd chs,lba28,lba48,cd ,usb  mass storage
vesa 1.2\3.0 banked or linear frame buffer, supports many video modes.
keyboard,rtc,timer,mouse serial,usb or ps2 5 buttons + scroll
file viewer with support for bmp,jpg,gif,png,pcx files
zip file compressor decompressor.fat file system check and undelete files.
cd­dvd recorder text editor,debuger
assemblers: Octasm,Fasm
games: Tetris,Mineswiper,Memory blocks,Chess,invaders.
some demos.
installation program and a disk partitioner.

Screenshot of my OS runing some aplications and demos. 

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