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DateSpeakerTitleFirst paperSecond paper
DateSpeakerTitleFirst paperSecond paper
9 June 2016 Marco Scutari Empirical-Bayes Score for Discrete Bayesian Networks   
3 June 2016 Alessandra Tosi PRIME: Probabilistic Riemannian Metrics for Generative Models   
13 May 2016 Tigran Nagapetyan Multilevel Monte Carlo method for reliability applications   
6 May 2016 Carey E. Priebe  Community Detection and Classification in Hierarchical Stochastic Blockmodels   
28 April 2016  Lawrence Murray Anytime Monte Carlo   
11 March 2016 Matt Moores Bayesian modelling and computation for Raman spectroscopy   
4 March 2016 Joris Bierkens Zig Zag Monte Carlo   
26 February 2016 Azim Ansari A Bayesian statistical method to divide a phylogeny into phenotypically distinct lineages    
19 February 2016 Louis Aslett Doing Statistics Blindfolded   
29 January 2016 Matthieu Wilhelm Isogeometric Splines: An approach for functional smoothing on surfaces   
28 January 2016 Michalis Titsias Stochastic Optimisation for non-conjugate Black Box Variational Inference   
22 January 2016 Peter McCullagh Likelihood computations for Gaussian tree-structured regression models   
15 January 2016 Andy Roth Using High Throughput Sequencing To Study Tumour Clonal Populations   
4 December 2015 Dan Pagendam Nonparametric estimation of spatially varying distribution functions for continental-scale water resource assessments   
27 November 2015 Jason Wyse Bayesian ICA-based source separation of Cosmic Microwave Background by a discrete functional approximation   
13 November 2015 Seth Flaxman  Who supported Obama in 2012? Distribution regression with kernel methods and Gaussian processes  
6 November 2015 Philip Maybank MCMC for Inverse Problems in Brain Imaging   
30 October 2015 Kacper Chwialkowski Fast Two-Sample Testing with Analytic Representations of Probability Measures  
23 October 2015 Jeremie Houssineau Representation of multi-object systems   
16 October 2015 Simon Wilson Sequential estimation using the iterated Laplace approximation  
3 July 2015 Samir Bhatt Global Disease Mapping with Geospatial Statistics   
26 June 2015 David Luengo Layered Adaptive Importance Sampling  
5 June 2015 Fredrik Lindsten Nested Sequential Monte Carlo Methods  
29 May 2015 Ajay Jasra Multilevel sequential Monte Carlo Samplers  
22 May 2015 Marco Cuturi New Approaches to Learn with Probability Measures using Fast Optimal Transport  
1 May 2015 Zoltán Szabó Vector-valued Distribution Regression -- Keep It Simple and Consistent Code 
24 April 2015 Patrick Rubin-Delanchy Bayesian anomaly detection for networks and Big Data  
27 March 2015 Michael Betancourt Adiabatic Monte Carlo  
20 March 2015 Konstantina Palla Feature allocations for sequential data   
13 March 2015 Axel Finke Pseudo-Marginal Monte Carlo Optimisation  
6 March 2015 Sebastian Vollmer (Non-) asymptotic properties of the Stochastic Gradient Langevin Dynamics with fixed and decreasing step size 
27 February 2015 Sinan Yildirim On an alternative class of exact-approximate MCMC algorithms  
20 February 2015 Lawrence Murray Sequential Monte Carlo in Anger   
13 February 2015 Peter Kecskemethy Block-parallelism for Hidden Markov Models 
6 February 2015 Owen Thomas An explicit link between Gaussian fields and Gaussian Markov random fields: the stochastic partial differential equation approach  
30 January 2015 Dino Sejdinovic  Hypothesis Testing with Kernel Embeddings on Big and Interdependent Data   
23 January 2015 Robin Evans Margins of Bayesian networks 
12 December 2014 Sylvain Robbiano Bipartite ranking problem and connected problems   
28 November 2014 Francesco Bertoli Stochastic stability analysis of a Monte Carlo receding horizon control scheme; Local particle filtering for high dimensions 
21 November 2014 Sarah Filippi Investigating cell-to-cell variability with Bayesian model selection and approximate likelihood   
14 November 2014 Eliane Rodrigues Applications of some stochastic volatility models to the study of air pollution problems  
7 November 2014 Levi Boyles Refractive Sampling  
31 October 2014 Matti Vihola On the efficiency of pseudo-marginal MCMC algorithms 
24 October 2014 Maria Lomeli A marginal sampler for σ-Stable Poisson-Kingman mixture models  
17 October 2014 Luis Nieto Barajas A Bayesian nonparametric approach for time series clustering  
 Barak Pearlmutter Computation and Critical Dynamics in the Brain: Normal Function and Pathology   
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