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Forget Terrorism

posted Jan 21, 2018, 5:15 PM by Oconee Democratic Party

Posted on January 17, 2018, The Journal, Seneca, SC


Forget terrorism!

Most Americans have a far greater chance of dying from lack of medical care than from terrorism. Let me explain.

A study done several years ago in Massachusetts, after universal health care became available there, concluded that for every 830 people insured, there would be one fewer death per year. The converse is also true: for every 830 people who lose insurance, there will be one additional death per year.

Just to be more conservative, and to simplify the math, allow me to round 830 up to 1,000; saying that for every 1,000 people losing insurance, there will be one additional death per year.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that, because of recent changes to the Affordable Care Act, 13 million people will lose their insurance coverage. That means 13,000 additional deaths per year. And that is per year, every year. That’s many more than have been killed by terrorists in the past.

This is terrible! This is awful. But, wait, there is more to come.

The recent tax cuts reduced the income expected by the federal government by trillions of dollars. Already we have heard cries that entitlements have to be reformed. Cuts have to be made to Social Security and to Medicare.

First of all, these programs are not entitlements! They are insurance contracts that you and I have paid for and will pay for throughout our working lives. Most insurance companies invest the premiums that we pay so that they will have adequate resources to meet their obligations when they come due. Has our government done that?

No, they would rather pretend that these are welfare programs and lower the benefits. This would effectively pay for the benefits recently granted to corporations and the wealthy by switching the burden to our backs!

President Trump promised no cuts to Social Security or to Medicare. Let’s hold him to that promise.

Carl Fortson