Duncan doesn’t represent innocent bystanders

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Posted on September 22, 2017, The Journal, Seneca, SC


I read the recent article in The Journal regarding Congressman Jeff Duncan’s H.R. 367 “Hearing Protection Act.” This bill would make it much easier for people to get silencers for their weapons.

Is it really a “health issue” as Duncan claims, or maybe help for the hunter who can’t hit the side of a barn? We need to give the poor marksman a second or even third shot to kill that deer before it can know where the bullet is coming from.

Or, on the other hand, let’s consider when Congressman Duncan so cavalierly directed James T. Hodgkinson to the baseball practice where he shot four people, including Rep. Steve Scalise. Perhaps more people would have been hit if he were using a silencer. The others had time to duck for cover because they heard the shots.

It seems unseemly that Congressman Duncan is pushing so hard for passage of a silencer bill while Congressman Scalise is still in rehabilitation.

And also, let’s think about Iraq war veteran Esteban Santiago, who in January flew from Alaska to Florida’s Fort Lauderdale airport and calmly took a gun from his checked luggage in the baggage claim area. He began indiscriminately shooting, killing five people and wounding six. Thirty-seven others suffered injuries while ducking for cover. How many of those would have died because they didn’t hear the shots and were not able to run? Santiago followed TSA procedures in checking his weapon in his luggage. But who is looking out for the rest of us who would like the ability to protect ourselves from crazy people with guns? Not Jeff Duncan. He gets his campaign money from the NRA and is only interested in doing their bidding. He does not represent innocent bystanders.

Jeff Duncan has been on our payroll since Jan. 5, 2011. Can you name one thing that he has done for you?

Cece Parker


Duncan doesn’t represent constituents’ interests

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Posted on September 22, 2017, The Journal, Seneca, SC


Jeff Duncan doesn’t represent his constituents’ interests. Instead, he insists on representing special interest groups. He supports/sponsors bills that strictly reflect the wishes of his campaign contributors, not us voters.

Just look at the industries that underwrote his last campaign: oil and gas, $41,000; retired, $33,680; insurance, $24,050; hospitals/nursing homes, $21,250.

His top contributors were: National Auto Dealers Association, $15,000; National HealthCare Corp., $12,000; Dove Transportation, $10,200; American Society of Anesthesiologists, $10,000; Blue Cross/Blue Shield, $10,000.

Do any of these industries represent our interests? These are special interest industries that simply wish to maximize their ability to bring in money. Several want to have standards relaxed so that we voters are more at risk or have fewer rights and opportunities.

Are we happier today? Has your wealth increased? Duncan’s net worth has increased over the period from 2009-2012 from $1,157,411 to $1,475,007 — that’s 27 percent.

There is only one solution: Replace Jeff Duncan in 2018 with someone who truly represents the interests of South Carolina’s 3rd congressional district.

Ted Taylor


A Mockery of American Values

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Posted on September 14, 2017, The Journal, Seneca, SC

Hard to believe, but Rep. Jeff Duncan voted against help for the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Didn’t like the bill because it contained “other stuff.” That “other stuff” kept the United States from defaulting on its debt and kept the government running through December, but to Jeff Duncan, those were minor details that didn’t matter.

Not explicitly stated, but very obvious from the subtext, the bill was anathema to Mr. Duncan because it was bipartisan. Worked out with the Democrats! Fortunately, the bill passed the Republican-controlled House 316-90 (80-17 in the Senate), which spoke well for the Republicans’ values even as they rejected Jeff Duncan’s.

And this is our representative? The man who chairs the Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere? God help Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean islands devastated by Irma!

Because ultimately it is America’s values that are on display here — and Jeff Duncan makes a mockery of them.

Carlos D. Luria

Valuing hearing over human rights?

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Posted on September 18, 2017, The Journal, Seneca, SC


One of the NRA’s ever-faithful agents in the U.S. House of Representatives — South Carolina’s own Jeffrey Duncan, who poses as “the people’s” 3rd Congressional District representative — introduced H.R.367, the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 in January. Mr. Duncan apparently believes inner ear hearing loss, due to loud gunfire, trumps any human’s right to be warned there’s a gunslinger in the vicinity!

This bill amends the IRS Code to: (1) eliminate the $200 transfer tax on firearm silencers, and (2) treat any person who acquires or possesses a firearm silencer as meeting any registration or licensing requirements of the National Firearms Act with respect to such silencer. Any person who pays a transfer tax on a silencer after Oct. 22, 2015, may receive a refund. The bill amends the federal criminal code to preempt state or local laws that tax or regulate firearm silencers.

This proposal to “give weaponized folks the added advantage of legalized stealth when prowling suitable public targets” sped through the U.S. House Committees of Judiciary and Ways and Means to presently reside in House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations.

I wonder, does Steve Scalise, R-La. — and his family — favor giving that extra advantage to his baseball field sniper on June 14? Perhaps Rep. Scalise reacted to the sound of gunshots prior to having his body ravaged by just one bullet. Did audible explosions prevent Scalise’s death? Does Mr. Duncan intend to benefit wildlife hunters or will firearm manufacturers and criminals see the upside?

Sherry McKnight


Duncan lacks empathy, competence

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Letter in The Seneca Journal 9/20/17


S.C. Rep. Jeff Duncan put politics ahead of concern for his countrymen by voting against aid for those suffering from the ravages of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These victims were and still are reeling from loss of life, loss of homes, loss of power, loss of businesses, lack of medical care and public health issues related to exposure to toxic chemicals, smoke inhalation and water-borne diseases. Fortunately, other Republicans chose to “Make America Great Again” by proceeding and succeeding with a bipartisan “yes” vote to help those in need.

What is important to Rep. Duncan? His SHARE Act to protect hearing loss of sportsmen by deregulating controls on gun silencers recently passed through the House Committee on Natural Resources to the House floor for vote, a bill which Rep. Duncan describes as “critical” legislation. This legislation is not “critical”; support for those devastated by Harvey and Irma is “critical.”

The need for a new law to protect the hearing of sportsmen is questionable. A hearing health care professional can help sportsmen select appropriate earplugs to prevent hearing loss. Furthermore, deregulating controls on silencers would make them more available on the street. Silencing gunshots in the street would make it hard to locate a shot, making crime more difficult to control.

During Rep. Duncan’s four terms in the House, only one of his bills has become law. His Congressional report card for 2014 also reflects a lack of competence (GovTrack.us). Perhaps the Third Congressional District needs a more effective representative in Washington — one who is more supportive of American values. The 2018 midterm election would be a good time to find one.

Carolyn S. Brown


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