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SCDP Chair Jaime Harrison’s Statement on Gov. Haley’s Presidential Endorsement

posted Feb 23, 2016, 9:20 AM by Ocdp Web

 Columbia, SC—Today, Governor Nikki Haley endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio for President of the United States. South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement.

It comes as no surprise that Gov. Nikki Haley would endorse someone with a well established track record of failed leadership and a lack of understanding for the problems plaguing the middle class. Marco Rubio’s priorities are in lockstep with Gov. Haley’s—blocking access to affordable healthcare and refusing to support a living wage to name a few.

“Here in South Carolina, Gov. Haley has repeatedly chosen to put political loyalties over the good of South Carolinians, whether it’s refusing to fix our roads or blocking the expansion of Medicaid. We can expect more of the same on an even larger scale if Republicans like Marco Rubio are able to take back the White House.

“While Gov. Haley is playing political chess in hopes to build her resume for Vice President, South Carolina Democrats are focused on one thing, and one thing only: improving the quality of life for every single person in our state.”  


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