We appreciate all donations to help keep our local office open, increase our visibility in Oconee County, and aid in our support of our humanitarian efforts in the county.  
    We created the 120 CLUB a few years ago.  By joining the "CLUB" you contribution $120 a year to OCDP.  You can do this in 2 ways:  (1) a one time $120 donation or (2) a recurring donation of $10 a month.  However, we are thrilled with donations in any amount, even $5 or $6 a month.  
    To pay by check, make it out  to OCDP and mail to: 
OCDP, P O Box 123, Seneca, SC  29679. Please don't mail cash (although you can drop that by the office at 121 N Townville Street in Seneca.
    You can also pay through ACT BLUE, a site set up for donations to Democratic groups.  To contribute in this way, click the MAKE A DONATION button.

We appreciate your support!