OCDP is a volunteer political organization that promotes fairness, equality and opportunity for the people of Oconee County


We will enhance the lives of all Oconee County residents by fulfilling our civic responsibilities through activism and by using the political process to heal and unify an increasingly diverse community.

New OCDP Officers Elected at County Convention

First row, left to right: Derek Lampe, 3 VC; Gail Johnson, 1VC; Paulette Keffas-Chassin, Chair; Marcia Scott, SecretaryMarcia Scott, Secretary; Todd Moore, Treasurer.

Second row, Ruth May, State Executive Committeewoman; Linda Holt, Alt. State Executive Committeewoman; Mike Evatt, State Executive Committeeman; Bruce Marshall, 2 VC; Ken Marsh, Alt. State Executive Committeeman


 Paulette Keffas Chassin

 1st Vice Chair  Gail Johnson
 2nd Vice Chair  Bruce Marshall
 3rd Vice Chair  Derek Lampe
   Secretary  Cece Parker
   Treasurer  Dustin Foxworth
   State Executive Committee man  Mike Evatt
   Alternate  Ken Marshall
 State Executive Committee woman  Ruth May
   Alternative  Linda Holt