First Announcement

2nd Post-Launch OCO-2 Science Team Meeting

California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California, USA

4-6 November, 2015 

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory–2 (OCO-2) team cordially invites you to attend the 2nd Post-Launch OCO-2 Science Team Meeting. This Science Team meeting will be co-hosted by the OCO-2 team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology Linde Center for Global Environmental Science on the Caltech campus in Pasadena, California, USA on 4-6 November, 2015.

Science Team Meeting Objectives and Format

Production deliveries of the version 7 OCO-2 L2 products began on 2 June, 2015. A full year of this product is expected to be available in early September.  This meeting will provide an opportunity of members of the OCO-2 team to discuss:

  *     OCO-2 mission status and data return
 *      L1B product quality and delivery status
 *     L2 product accuracy, coverage, screening, and bias correction status
 *    Preliminary science results
 *   Plans for next data product version.

The meeting will include reports from the NASA HQ and from the OCO-2 Project Office, Mission Operations, and Science Data Operations Systems Teams. It will also include reports from the Calibration, Level-2 Algorithm, ABSCO, Cloud & Aerosols, Validation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Flux Inversion Theme Groups. It will also provide opportunities for both scientific and programmatic discussions that will contribute to fostering future collaborative efforts among team members.  Meeting activities are planned for 0830 – 1730 on November 4-6, 2015.  A more detailed agenda and on-line registration will posted on a meeting web site in the near future. 


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