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Student Events

Masquerade Recital

Each year OCMTA hosts a Masquerade Recital around Halloween for music students 12 years and younger.  Students may play or sing a memorized Halloween song or something related to their costume. Students must wear a costume. At the end of the recital each student will receive a treat bag.This is a fun, low-stress performance activity that your younger students will enjoy. 

Christmas Recital

The OCMTA Christmas recital is held in early December.  It is open to all students of OCMTA members.  Students should perform a piece from memory.  Music selections are NOT limited to Christmas pieces.  The recital is followed by refreshments.

District Student Day

District Student Day is an important part of FSMTA’s student program. Participating students gain a great deal of satisfaction. Each year the FSMTA offers, to the students of its members, the opportunity of receiving an evaluation of the student’s musical accomplishments for the year through auditions held in the spring. Each participating student is given an appointment for a private audition, during which he or she is examined by a teacher from another city on performance of repertoire, sight-reading ability, technical skills and theory achievement. All students, except those on the Primary level, are given aural and written theory tests. Students who meet the requirements for their level are awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Those who need more than one year to complete a particular level, but wish to receive recognition for the work they have completed will be awarded a Certificate of Progress.

You will need the 2000 FSMTA Student Activities Handbook to correctly prepare students.

Outstanding Senior Award

At the conclusion of each school year, in recognition of high musical accomplishment, OCMTA presents through competition, the Outstanding Senior Award to a local music student in his or her senior year of high school. State and national competitions carrying cash awards at each level offer further incentives to the students. 

1. The contestant must be a graduating senior and have been a student of an OCMTA member in good standing for at least six months.

2. Piano:a. The program must have twenty to sixty minutes of solo literature (excluding concerti) representing four periods. One of the selections must be a movement from a sonata in Sonata Allegro form. The judge(s) should hear part or all of each piece at his/her (their) discretion.

b. The contestant must be prepared to play:Scales: 4 octaves hands together, major and 3 forms of minor;Arpeggios: 4 octaves hands together, major, minor, dominant 7th and diminished 7th; and,cadences: major and minor all positions (I IV V (V7) I).

3. Voice:a. The program must have twenty minutes of solo literature representing four musical periods and three different languages (choices: French, German, Italian, English.)

b. The contestant must be prepared to vocalize:a one octave scale: major or minor (melodic and harmonic forms) and a chromatic scale (Tonic to the 5th);Arpeggios: triads, major, minor one octave. Arpeggios are to be sung legato and staccato.

For more information contact Sarah Dieterich.

Spring Recital

OCMTA holds a Spring Recital in May at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Niceville.  Students should perform pieces from memory.