How Do I Become an Active Member?

When joining Okaloosa County Music Teachers Association, you will simultaneously become a member of three different organizations: Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Florida State Music Teachers Association (FSMTA), and Okaloosa County Music Teachers Association (OCMTA).

Anyone may become an active member who is, or has been, professionally engaged in the teaching of music and has a Baccalaureate degree with major emphasis in music, or the equivalent.

1. Click on the link below to download the FSMTA and MTNA applications. Make sure to also read and sign the FSMTA Code of Ethics.

                  Florida State Membership Page

2. Please enclose two copies of your transcripts showing all college/university level work and degrees awarded. If your diploma shows that you have a degree in music, you may submit two photocopies of it instead of your transcripts.

3. Enclose one check in the amount of $141.00 made payable to FSMTA. This includes all the necessary fees: $71.00 to MTNA, $40.00 to FSMTA, and $30.00 to OCMTA. This will pay your dues through June of 2016. Dues are cut in half if you join after January 1st. We do not accept a credit card for first time applicants.

4. Please make one extra copy of each form after completion and of your transcripts or diploma.

5. Mail the application forms, transcripts or copy of your diploma, plus one photocopy of each, and your check to Tiffany Kostelny.

Please call her at (408) 316-9974 to obtain her address or if you have any other questions about membership.

How Do I Qualify as a Student Member?

Student membership is open to any college music major through age twenty-six. A qualified student member age twenty-seven or older may continue to be a student member for duration of study up to four years.
a. Student members may attend the programs of FSMTA and shall receive the official   FSMTA publication.
b. Student members do not have the right to vote or hold office in FSMTA or to apply for FSMTA certification.
c. Any student member in good standing may prepare students for District or State Student Day under the supervision of a teacher who holds Active Membership in FSMTA.
d. Student Members may teach no more than 10 students.
e. Student Members may form college chapters of FSMTA. (See Article XI – State College Student Organization)

MTNA dues for Student membership are $16.00
FSMTA dues for Student membership are $10.00
Local dues for Student membership are $3.00

How Do I Qualify as a Provisional Member?

Provisional Membership shall be available to those who are unable to meet all requirements for membership in the active classification. Provisional members must, however, be actively engaged in teaching music, have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and be accepted by the local membership committee.
a. Provisional members shall be given a three year period in which to advance to eligibility for active membership. During this period, candidates must pass the FSMTA membership examination and present four students from three or more levels of achievement, above Primary, at District Student Day Auditions. The students must receive the certificate of Achievement at the auditions.
b. An extension of one to two years may be granted.
c. Provisional membership shall provide all Active membership privileges with the exception of the right to hold state or national office and to apply for FSMTA certification. Complete information regarding the requirements for Provisional members may be found in the Membership Examinations Study Guide and Procedures.

How Do I Qualify as a Senior Member?

A discount of 25% on national dues will be granted to members 70 years of age and older. In addition, a discount of 25% on state dues will be granted to senior members.