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It is now 46 years since RODMAN DAM was closed across Florida's OCKLAWAHA RIVER

Ocklawahaman Paul Nosca, like many others who are TRULY interested in seeing--in our lifetimes--Rodman (Kirkpatrick) Dam breached and the Ocklawaha River restored to free-flowing again (from Silver Springs to the St. Johns), is patiently waiting to see what is next from the Florida Defenders of the EnvironmentFlorida Wildlife Federation, U.S. Forest Service, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and EARTHJUSTICE about Ocklawaha River restoration!

Summer of 1968: Captain Erika Ritter & "THE MONSTER"
300-ton+ Crusher-crawler machine that was used to destroy the Ocklawaha River's floodplain forest
for the construction of Rodman Pool (a.k.a. Lake Ocklawaha or Rodman Reservoir).
The Johnson-Humphrey Administration was moving for the closure of Rodman Dam before the November presidential election.
Florida's electoral votes would be very crucial to the outcome.
HISTORICALLY, every national ticket that ever included Richard M. Nixon on it was the eventual winner of the state of Florida's electoral votes!
This happened a total of 5 times: 1952, 1956, 1960, 1968, and 1972.
Franklin D. Roosevelt is the ONLY other national candidate that ever achieved this feat!
Ocala, Florida, Monday, September 30, 1968
(Photo by Ray Price)
Last View Of The Old Channel
The above view shows the old channel of the Ocklawaha River at the Rodman Pool. The U.S. Corps of Engineers said that the river will be filled today closing the Ocklawaha to boat traffic for a period of time. Note the mound of dirt at the right of picture. It will be bulldozed into the channel.






A FREE online news & information magazine for any & all who are truly interested in
Florida's "Uniquely Beautiful" Ocklawaha River & its entire drainage basin!


Dedicated to the preservation of the now-existing free-flowing sections of the 56-mile long Silver-Ocklawaha River system & the eventual restoration to free-flowing of those segments still suffering from the backwater effect of Rodman (Kirkpatrick) Dam.

"Let us leave no bit of useful information uncollected, unstudied, or unused in our shared work
for the restoration to free-flowing again of Florida's 56-mile Silver and Ocklawaha River system."


Compiled by Ocklawahaman Paul Nosca

Bass Angler, Canoeist, Environmentalist, Outdoorsman, & River Restoration Advocate

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Paul Nosca, who strives for accuracy & honesty, worships zealously a more natural Ocklawaha River Valley that includes the restoration of the 56 river miles from Silver Springs to the St. Johns as a free-flowing stream. He is a member of NO environmental organization but volunteers his Ocklawaha experience, observations, research, & sources to groups that share his zeal for this old "crooked river." Ocklawahaman has fished, hunted, & explored the Florida outdoors since 1962. More of his outdoor time has been spent in the Ocklawaha River Basin than anywhere else.

"The 30 September 1968 completion of Rodman Dam caused the loss of 21 river miles of free-flowing riverine ecosystem. Florida's peninsula was blessed by the Creator with thousands of lakes but very few swift-flowing streams of any considerable length. The 'pre-Rodman Dam' 56-mile long 'Silver-Ocklawaha River' was unique in this state by virtue of having one of the world's greatest-flow 1st magnitude artesian spring groups (73 degree F Silver Springs) as its supreme headwaters with unimpeded access for fish & other aquatic life--located more than 50 miles above tidewater influence." - Ocklawahaman Paul Nosca.

Ocklawahaman Paul Nosca is an accomplished stream angler who has caught nine different varieties of bass plus three different species of cold-water trout along with many other fishes from the flowing freshwaters of several Southern states. Although he has fished many of the still-water canals, lakes, & ponds plus salty tidewaters that almost all other Florida fishermen are accustomed-to & greatly prefer; river bass angling in current is undeniably Paul's preferred pursuit. Paddling a canoe (or bank-walking & wading when advantageous), Ocklawahaman skillfully uses buzz-bait & spinner-bait lures almost exclusively while bass fishing moving freshwater. Motorized watercraft for "run & gun" fishing or other aquatic tomfoolery & plastic worms or live shiners for bait are not part of his personal angling ethic. Ocklawahaman practices a style of bass fishing on natural segments of streams that is ideally an aesthetically pleasing & "un-crowded" solemn quest for some of Nature's most game fishes; the great majority of bass caught to be released unharmed for future benefit. North-central Florida's swift-flowing Ocklawaha River is the home water of Ocklawahaman; it is where Paul Nosca first learned freshwater stream angling techniques & where he continues to employ them as often as possible--from his man-powered canoe.
"There are lake fishermen, and there are river fishermen, and seldom do the twain agree!" - Original author unknown.


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Captain Erika Ritter in a hidden Blue Spring of the Middle Ocklawaha River.




2010 Veterans Day

Ocali Country Days

Silver River Museum at Silver River State Park.

A couple of STRAC old-soldiers!














Home page photos by Ocklawahaman Paul Nosca, Captain Erika Ritter, Helmuth Tex Ritter, Gwen Parramore Ritter, K. Alwine, Ray Price, & my own Dad.

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Ocklawahaman salutes the Ocklawaha River restoration good works of the following individuals/groups (in alphabetical order):


A Cruising Down the River



Audubon of Florida


Florida Defenders of the Environment



Florida Wildlife Federation



Putnam County Environmental Council




St. Johns Riverkeeper


Sierra Club Florida



 Ocklawahaman in 1966 with a Florida largemouth bass (back when I used rubber worms).


 Ocklawahaman learned to reel-in those rubber worms REEL SLOW--like lasses in wintertime!


Ocklawahaman learned to skin a cat, meal it, then fry it in a pan!


 Ocklawahaman in 1962 in them old cotton fields of Dixie.


Ocklawahaman on the job in Citrus County, Florida 1962.

Ocklawahaman circa 1961. Of course, Captain Erika just had to have a bigger one (The Monster) later!
Ocklawahaman on the range with his 1st rifle.

Ocklawahaman circa 1960. Of course, Captain Erika just had to have a bigger one (pontoon boat) later!

Ocklawahaman, like thousands of his fellow baby-boomer generation who are caregivers to an elderly parent, has had to answer this most difficult question: "What is more important to you, your family, or your address?"  Duty continues to reduce the amount of time spent at his chosen address: the Ocklawaha River.

"Duty then is the sublimest word in the English language. You should do your duty in all things. You can never do more, you should never wish to do less."
- Robert E. Lee, General, Confederate States Army.

"Some of US were soldiers." - Ocklawahaman Paul Nosca (Regular Army).
Uncle Sam poster image created by James Montgomery Flagg in 1917.

"We used to joke that being in the Army was not a matter of life and death. It's more important than that!" - Alan Caldwell, Lt. Col., United States Army.
My original hero, besides my own Dad, was Fess Parker as the legendary Davy Crockett.
Interestingly, both of them passed-away on the same day of the same month (but different years).


"I am that same David Crockett, fresh from the backwoods, half-horse, half-alligator, a little touched with the snapping-turtle. I can wade the Mississippi, leap the Ohio, ride upon a streak of lightning, and slip without a scratch down a honey-locust. I can whip my weight in wildcats, and, if any gentleman pleases, for a ten-dollar bill he can throw in a panther. I can hug a bear too close for comfort, and eat any man opposed to General Jackson." - David Davy Crockett: American frontiersman, outdoorsman, patriot, soldier, statesman (introducing himself to Congress after being elected by the State of Tennessee in 1827).

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