frequently asked questions

the things you're thinking, but don't want to be judged for voicing

 Your blog has a stupid title.  What's up with it?

-ocityishness (a combination of the endings -ocity, -ish, and -ness if you can't figure out how to pronounce it) is a suffix I coined years ago when I was trying to find the right way to phrase myself.  My roommates liked it, it caught on, we made t-shirts, and so on.  I chose to use it here because, like me, it's busy, a little chaotic, and takes some figuring out.  It also perfectly expresses my search for how to express myself in the blogosphere.   Set your bookmarks to


Will you review my book on astrology/butt rash invention/other product?

If you send it to me for free, sure.   Email your grammatically correct request to


 Are Dana and Kyle the only people who read your blog?

No, also my mother-in-law. 


 Is the DNB really fat, lazy, incompetent, and stupid?

 No.  He's not at all fat. 


My father was the late High Prince Associate Treasurer King of Nigeria.  Shall we form a partnership?



What's your personal motto?

Have a good time.  All the time. 


It's nice to know you won't judge me for the questions I have.  

              a)  That isn't a question, and b)  Yeah, actually I am judging you.  So are Dana and Kyle.