Postdoc Seminar Series

Current plans for a presentation seminar series for postdocs at the OCI 

Seminar Series Schedule: (also available as a )

Jan 21 12:30pm Maxim V. Berezovski - Mak lab - "Aptamers as artificial antibodies for proteins and living cells"
1pm Trevor McKee - Khokha lab - "Imaging of extracellular matrix modification during mouse liver regeneration and breast cancer development"
Feb 4 12:30pm Mohsin Ali - Bristow Lab - "Characterization of mutant MUTYH proteins associated with familial colorectal cancer"
Feb 19 2:30pm Paul Boutros - Penn lab - title "Sorting Out The Mess: Finding Optimal Methods for Microarray Analysis"
Mar 3 12:30pm Mahadeo Sukhai - Kamel-Reid lab - Title "The Role of Retinoid X Receptor alpha in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia"
Mar 17 12:30pm Yanina Eberhard - Schimmer Lab - "Antifungal is identified by high-throughput screen as a new drug for cancer treatment"
1pm Peter Stathopulos - Ikura Lab - "The structure and function of the calcium sensing region of stromal interaction molecule-1."
Mar 31 12:30pm Gordon Chan - Neel Lab - "The Role of Shp2 in Hematopoiesis"
Apr 14 12:30pm Ophira Ginsburg - Boyd Lab -"Breast cancer in Vietnam: A case-control study"
Apr 28 12:30pm Andreas Evangelou - Kislinger Lab - "Using silica-bead coating technology to identify vascular surface associated proteins by MudPIT analysis: technology development and application"
May 12 12:30pm Rashmi Goswami - Kamel-Reid Lab - "MicroRNAs as aids in the prognosis of lymphoma"
May 26 12:30pm Gigi Lo - Gang Zheng Lab - "Diagnosis and Treatment of Epithelial Cancers - Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP)-Triggered Photodynamic Molecular Beacon"
June 9
12:30pm Sevtap Savas - Geoffrey Liu Lab - "In silico analysis of the non-synonymous Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (nsSNPs) from the genes involved in the EGFR pathway"
June 23
12:30pm Nirmalya Ghosh - Vitkin Lab - "Mueller matrix decomposition for polarized light assessment of complex turbid media: potential biomedical applications"


Dear Postdoctoral Colleagues,

The Ontario Cancer Institute will begin a bi-weekly Postdoctoral Seminar Series in January of 2008, sponsored by the OCI Faculty. The seminar series, consisting of two presentations per hour, will begin January 21st, 2008, have a running time from 12:30-1:30pm, and occur in room 7-605 of Princess Margaret Hospital, 610 University Avenue. A pizza lunch will be provided. Attendance is open and encouraged for all postdocs and faculty who may be interested.

Current plans are to initiate a seminar series in January, with 15-20 minutes for presentation, and 10-15 minutes questions. Topics could include any of the following: a project in progress, in the planning stages, or nearing completion, or a presentation on a particularily stubborn experiment or problem that you may be facing. The idea is to solicit friendly feedback on your project and on your presentation, and hopefully to encourage networking and collaborative endeavors as appropriate. The audience should consist of a good representation of the general UHN-wide research population. Postdoctoral training includes building research, presentation, and leadership skills. Please consider joining this endeavor.

The UHN Postdoctoral Association is actively soliciting speakers for this seminar series, as continued funding is contingent on an active involvement by postdoctoral fellows. This is a great opportunity for you to practice presentation skills, gain valuable input from your colleagues into your work-in-progress projects, learn about the work ongoing in the division, and stimulate networking and collaborative endeavors to help further your research. Any fellows interested in participating should e-mail with your name, supervisors name, title of your presentation, and 3 preferred dates for your presentation.

Please consider submitting a presentation title at your earliest convenience. Remember that this is a great chance to get feedback on your work from your colleagues, and that presentation skills are a valuable asset to any professional career. The Division PIs are supportive of this endeavor, but only we as postdocs can make this seminar series a success, by contributing to both the presentations and attending the series. I hope to hear back from you regarding this initiative at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,
Trevor McKee
UHN Postdoctoral Association President

P.S. also be sure to check out the Upcoming Events and PDA Meetings page of the Toronto Postdoctoral Association website to find out more information on other events ongoing of relevance to postdocs.