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Courtesy of Donnelly CCBR Post-doc Research Club



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An update on taxes, in relation to the new tax laws and the "Scholarships, Fellowships and Bursaries" portion of the law.  More to come, to be posted at the U of Toronto Postdoctoral Association webpage.

Currently, graduate students are able to waive a majority of their taxes due to new legislation, which mandates that if you are receiving compensation in the form of scholarships, fellowships or bursaries, and you receive a T2202 form from your institution, you are eligible for a waiver of your tax burden.  Unfortunately, the University of Toronto does not provide T2202 forms to postdoctoral scholars, only to graduate students.  We have just been informed of efforts underway by a group of postdoctoral scholars at the Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research to attempt to convince the University to alter their policies towards postdocs in this respect.  For more information, please see the letter below.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Petition letter for UofT post-docs.
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 15:16:11 -0400

Hi Everyone,

In attachment you will find a petition letter that we put together to convince UofT to make changes to its policies in order to render its post-docs eligible for Federal tax exemptions. As you all know, after initiating several discussions with the School of Graduate Studies post-doc office, we were told that UofT was unwilling to provide post-docs with T2202 forms for 2006, which are essential in order to obtain the same tax exemption that PDFs at other institutions are getting. As this position creates unfair inequities with other Canadian institutions, we found this response to be unacceptable and decided to put together a letter of protest that I encourage all of you to sign and bring to the next PDF meeting. Once we've collected the signed letters, we will attempt to meet with University officials, in particular school President Dr. David Naylor, in hopes of promoting a change in school policy. We encourage you to forward the letter to colleagues in other UofT Departments and affiliated Research Institutes, and ask that they return the signed forms as soon as possible, either by email ( or or by FAX at 416-978-8287.


Jeff Fillingham (Greenblatt Lab)- email

Eric Lecuyer (Krause Lab) - email

Organizers, Donnelly CCBR Post-doc Research Club

See the following links for the attached document: as a word file, or as an Adobe pdf file