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Please contact us if you wish to be involved in the OCI / UHN Postdoctoral Association!  Currently the president, Trevor McKee, is also the president of the University of Toronto Postdoctoral Association.  Openings are available, in principle, for any or all of the spots on the organizational chart below.  Let us know of your interest by e-mailing ocipda at gmail dot com.

The UHN Postdoctoral Association is organized such as to promote adequate and appropriate representation of the various organizational units within the larger UHN research enterprise. 

While this organizational chart serves as a guide to ensure minimal representation, anyone who is interested in working on issues of importance to postdoctoral fellows is welcome to join and participate within the organization to a commitment at whatever their comfort level may be.  Participation helps you to learn more about managing time and resources effectively, learn the intricacies of working within the larger administrative framework of research institutions, and provides networking and communication skills that will be invaluable in your future careers.

The UHN Postdoctoral Association is led by the executive board:

  • President (Currently Trevor McKee)
  • Vice President
  • Communications Officer / Webmaster
  • Treasurer
  • Ex-board Advisor (Currently Josh Silvertown)
  • Chairs of the Working Committees on Careers, Scientific Guidance, Social Interaction, and Advocacy. 

In addition to this core group, the UHN PDA board of directors includes the following positions:

  • OCI Representative
    • OCI Departmental Representatives:   Applied Molecular Oncology, Biophysics and Bioimaging, Cancer Genomics and Proteomics, Epidemiology, Statistics and Behavioural Research, Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care, Signaling Biology, Stem Cell and Developmental Biology
  • TGRI Representative
    • TGRI Departmental Representatives:   Behavioural Sciences & Health, Cell & Molecular Biology, Clinical Decision-Making & Health Care, Clinical Investigation & Human Physiology, Experimental Therapeutics, Genomic Medicine
  • TWRI Representative
    • TWRI Departmental Representatives:   Brain, Imaging & Behaviour - Systems Neuroscience, Fundamental Neurobiology, Genetics & Development, Healthcare & Outcomes Research, Patient Based Clinical Research, Visual Science
  •  Medical Biophysics Representative
  • Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Representative
  • Medical Genetics Representative
  • University of Toronto Departmental Representatives
  • At large Representatives