Octav Chipara
Assistant Professor 
University of Iowa 
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  • 08/22/15: [Publication] In-situ Measurement and Prediction of Hearing Aid Outcomes Using Mobile Phones was accepted to SCH 2015
  • 08/03/15: [Publication] Managing the Energy-Delay Tradeoff in Mobile Applications with Tempus was accepted to Middleware2015
  • 11/24/15: Submitted paper to INFOCOM 2016
  • 11/20/15: Submitted Real-Time Communication in Low-Power Mobile Wireless Networks to CCNC 2016
  • 11/20/15: Submitted Predicting 3-month and 12-month Post-Fitting Real-World Hearing Aid Outcome using Pre-fitting Acceptable Noise Level 
  • 11/20/15: Submitted my Career proposal
  • 11/06/15: [Publication] Static Memory Management for Efficient Mobile Sensing Applications was accepted at EMSOFT 2015
  • 02/02/15: [Presentation] I gave an invited talk at Mobile Health Summit 2015. The slides for the talk and the panel I participated on are on my blog.
  • 12/10/14: [Award] My student -- Shabih Hassan -- receives the SIF award the second year.
  • 12/10/14: [Grant] AMBI pilot grant Enabling cognitive load-dependent realt-ime assessment of hearing aid outcomes
  • 10/01/14: [Grant] Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Hearing Enhancement was funded. 
  • 09/26/14: A paper (Mapping motion to timbre: orientation, FM synthesis and spectral filtering) based on a project in the Sensing the World course was accepted at ICMC-SMC-2014 
  • 08/04/14: [Publicity] UI researchers discuss smartphone app for seniors with hearing aids. 
  • 04/09/14: [Service] Accepted to serve as poster chair for SenSys 2014 and on the TPC of RTSS 2014
  • 03/12/14:  [Publication] Using GPS location data of smartphones to predict listening demand was presented at Annual Conference of American Auditory Society, Scottsdale, AZ. (2014)
  • 03/02/14:  [Publication] Evaluating Auditory Contexts and Their Impacts on Hearing Aid Outcomes with Mobile Phones [PervasiveHealth 2014]
  • 01/31/14: [News] CS Department was ranked #63 by US News
  • 01/15/14: [Publication] APE: An Annotation Language and Middleware for Energy-Efficient Mobile Application Development [ICSE 2014]
  • 01/12/14: [Publication] CSense: A Stream-Processing Toolkit for Robust and High-Rate Mobile Sensing Applications [IPSN 2014]
  • 10/23/13: [Grant] Contents and Contexts of Cyberbullying: An Epidemiologic Study using Electronic Detection and Social Network Analysis [US Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice]
  • 07/23/13: [Grant] Mobile Devices, Sensors and Big Data:Transforming Research and Practice [Carver Foundation]
  • 06/22/13: [Award] AudioSense: Enabling Real-time Evaluation of Hearing Aid Technology In-Situ was awarded "Best Student Paper" at CBMS 2013
  • 06/01/13: [Award] My student -- Shabih Hassan -- receives the SIF award for his qualifier exam
  • 04/08/13: [Service] Accepted to serve on TCP of RTSS 2013
  • 04/08/13: [Publication] AudioSense: Enabling Real-time Evaluation of Hearing Aid Technology In-Situ [CBMS 2013]
  • 04/08/13: [Grant] Sensors and Seizures: Application of advanced sensor technology for the evaluation and management of epilepsy
  • 02/15/13: [Poster] A Mobile Phone Application for Pertussis Classification Based on Machine Learning
  • 01/15/13: [Grant] Our Transforming Mobile Health Systems into Reliable and Robust Medical Measurement Instruments was awarded. There are two news items related to the grant. [AMBI news][UI news]
  • 10/01/12: [Presentation] Presentation on mHealth apps at College of Nursing
  • 07/04/12: [Publication] Our paper on emergency response protocols was accepted at PINGEN 2012
  • 06/18/12: [Publication] Real-time Query Scheduling [IEEE Transactions on Computers]
  • 06/01/12: [Service] Accepted to serve on TCP of mHealthsSys
  • 04/12/12: [Presentation] The video recording and slides from my AMBI talk are now available
  • 03/25/12: [Presentation] The AMBI symposium success was a great success. You can find my talk and my group's EgoSense poster.
  • 03/20/12: [Service] Accepted to serve on TCP of RTSS 2012
  • 03/09/12: [Service] Accepted to serve on TCP of MASS 2012
  • 03/05/12: [Publication] WIISARD: A Measurement Study of Network Properties and Protocol Reliability during an Emergency Response [MobiSys 2012]
  • 02/19/12: [Event] Aging Mind and Brain Initiative Inaugural Symposium
  • 09/16/11: [Service] Accepted to serve as publicity chair of ICCPS
  • 08/16/11: [Grant] Protocols and Analysis for Predictable Wireless Sensor Networks [NSF NeTS]
  • 08/16/11: [Event] My PhD work on wireless clinical monitoring was featured in this news story
  • 08/15/11: [Event] Pictures from WIISARD Drill Calit2 Atkinson Hall are up on flicker