Durgapuja 2007
Durga puja the Biggest fesival of Belgal

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About Goddess Durga


Capture the hearts and minds of her ecstatic devotees.
Durga, in Sanskrit means "She who is incomprehensible or difficult to reach." Goddess Durga is a form of Sakti worshiped for her gracious as well as terrifying aspect. Mother of the Universe, she represents the infinite power of the universe and is a symbol of a female dynamism. The manifestation of Goddess Durga is said to emerge from Her formless essence and the two are inseparable.

She is also called by many other names, such as Parvati, Ambika, and Kali. In the form of Parvati, She is known as the divine spouse of Lord Shiva and is the mother of Her two sons, Ganesha and Karttikeya, and daughter Lakshmi - godess of wealth and Saraswati- godess of wisdom . Ma Durga is worshiped during an annual festival called Durga puja, especially popular among Bengalis.

Her Appearance
There are endless aspects of Durga described in the Puranas and Agamas and the iconography is consequently very varied. She is usually pictured as having ten arms holding Sword, Conch, Discus, Rosary, Bell, Winecup, Shielf, Bow, Arrow, and Spear. She is most often shown riding a lion from which comes Her august name, Simhavahini, "She who stands astride the king of beasts". She is gorgeously dressed in royal red cloth and has several ornaments decorating Her personage. Her hair is dressed up in a crown (karandamukuta) which then flows out in long luxuriant tresses that are darkly luminous and soothing to the eye. The various tools reflects the eminent supremacy that helps in controling the universe and obey Her will.


Durga Puja is the most important festival of Bengalis. The familiar sound of Dhak, Dhunuchi nachh, the mild fragrance of Shiuli, its the time to reunion with friends and family ,gives a familiar tug to every Bengali heart,And of course the mind-blowing Bengali cuisine will fill your mouth with water  ....

This year I have visited few famous Durga Puja of my home town Chakdaha and Kolkata here is some Photograps of Durga Puja 2007 for you.

                           Fully made of Mud a Durga Idol - Chakdaha

                         Pandal made of Bamboo baskets , see 

                        the  interior  decoration bellow - Chakdaha


This piece of gem made of Bitel nut's raw fibers , Shanti Snagha Chakdaha


Kailash Parbat , Chakdaha


Golden temple in Chakdaha


This is Netaji Park dugra Idol , diffrent piece of work fully made of mud , Hur-Parvati - Chakdaha

Kolkata Puja:

66 Palli


Made of oil drums and and Tin Boxes, BadamTala- kolkata 

Another gem of art work, Mudiali- Kolkata


Best Idol 2007 - Kolkata 


Jodhpur park


Surichi Sangha, New Alipur - Kolkata 


                     All made of Bamboo ,Slimpur - Kolkata