Boycott Ocean Isle Beach, NC

No Cabanas?  Overdeveopment!  Major Construction During Tourist Season!! No Personal Items on Beach after 7:00pm!   No Cabanas!!!!!!!

If you are planning to spend your vacation at Ocean Isle Beach, NC we strongly recommend you reconsider your plans.  In recent years OIB has become increasingly family unfriendly.  The most recent incident is the banning of cabanas.  Instead of encouraging families to spend their days at OIB, the 1960's leftovers that pass themselves off as resident environmentalists have managed to approve over-development in flood prone areas, bulldozed 400 acres of marine forest, starved the local deer population, banned any recreational activity on the beach after 7:00pm, banned any sun protection for children on the beach, restricted the use of the beach by anyone that wishes to be there for more that a few minutes a day, and torn down the family waterslide so children can enjoy watching condos.  Maybe rock music and dancing will be next!!!


The parking that is available next to the museum will soon be developed, this will eliminate parking for the summer concert series, so I guess rock-n-roll is next. 


Oh and by the way you can't have your dog on the beach, can't dig a hole, can't play volleyball unless it is on the one volleyball net they provide and they tore up the one tennis court that was available for public use for condos of course.


All of this has been don by the 'resident environmentalist' to protect turtles, specifically not to interfere with the operation of the turtle watch program ATV.  Their stated objective is that they don't want obstructions during their daily joy ride.  Have they ever thought of walking??


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