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How and Why is all Started

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Early Daze in a Federal Street shed:


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Evidence sometime later from Taylors Road:

Many of Oceanius Oceania Oceanium's key local and International staff all assembled formally under the one roof, and what a roof! Note the original and very aged company sign (center).


From the left: Kevin Bennett, Ricky Gallager, Casey Harpur, Richard Baker, Peter Lumley, Peter Davies, Elena Fedorova, Chris Gillies, Sarne Thorogood, Nigel Russell, Tristan Nelson-Hauer, Paul Jeffery Babbage (hiding), Michael Smeaton, Simon Venning and Greg Peacocke Babbage. Those stragglers who never made it into work in time were: James MacKenzie, Tom Worley, Heath Barlow and Jurgen Herbke. Behind the camera: Swami Neelamber.

NB: The two Babbage brothers seen in the photo above have been with Oceanius Oceania Oceanium longer than the sign!

Fast Forward several dayz:


Lake Taylor, Morningside. Ha ha. A massive electrical storm happened in the middle of one night in July 2005. It took out all three phases, and dumped a fair amount of water on the old Difference Engine. This very long exposure was captured from the middle of the road, right in the water. The eerie glow is from street lighting elsewhere in the city. The street numbers were illuminated with a Maglite torch.

Fast Forward several years:


Sadly absent from the above photo session were: Greg Peacocke Babbage, Paul Jeffery Babbage, James MacKenzie, Neil Heathcote, Adrian Watts, Francis Nolier, Simon Garrett, Micah Hetrick, Colin Liddell, Dan Bullock, Nick Able, Nigel Russell, Michael Hughes, Chris Gillies, Bryan Harris, Ken Owens, Margaret Lumsden, Matt Jones, and a number of other stragglers with one hell of a lot of equipment?

Warp speed towards the 2009 shed:

After working for so many years in that vast, leaky, and rundown industrial complex near Taylor's Lake in Morningside, CEO and chief bean counter Matt Jones (appointed by OOO's bank) decided to downsize dramatically. There were many casualties, and rumour has it that those few well placed folk still remaining on staff, may have now moved to new premises. Could this be the spot, although it's hard to imagine a Difference Engine fitting inside.


To us, it just looks like a large farm shed?

Another shed, another promise:


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